GHP April 2016

ghp April 2016 | 17 bought together staff from infection prevention control (IPC), IT, communications, estates, pharmacy, nursing, occupational health, operational and managerial ser- vices and, for the first time, the systems development team. Each department contributed a unique and val- uable skills set. Pharmacy in supply, estates resolved issues with storage fridges and the mobile clinics. IPC matrons worked to recruit more community vaccina- tors. IT designed a recording system to improve report- ing accuracy. Increasing the numbers of community vaccinators enabled staff to offer support to GPs who vaccinate patients with learning disabilities in their own homes, and previously found this procedure daunting. Vaccinators offered vaccination to all partner agency staff including social workers, teachers, agency nurses and frontline police officers, totalling 365 staff being vaccinated and achieving uptake of 63.4 per cent. Winner of Innovative flu fighter campaign: Dorset County Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The HR De- partment at Dorset County Hospital led its flu fighter campaign this year, with the theme of ‘get me out of here’. The team used a number of initiatives including free giveaways, a flu week, a bush tucker trial and I’m a celebrity flu information boards. Due to the new fun, competitive nature of the campaign, junior doctors took part as vaccinators for the first time. A fortnightly flu real-time uptake dashboard was created for each division. This really encouraged management at divisional level to get involved and take ownership for uptake in all departments, especially high risk ones. The campaign created a real buzz around the trust for several weeks and maintained a positive uptake result. Winner of flu fighter carers award: Cray Hill Pharmacy. Cray Hill successfully targeted those who identified themselves as a carer within the local community by designing specific leaflets informing them of their eligi- bility. Staff were also encouraged to engage in conver- sations to identify carers, which was a huge success as a large number of carers visited the pharmacy. Many patients were not aware that people at home were eligible for the vaccine. Once this was commu- nicated, the pharmacy saw a rise from 60 vaccines in 2015/15 to 600 vaccines given in 2015/16 Winner of flu fighter residential care award: East Cheshire Hospice, Macclesfield. East Cheshire Hospice has worked in partnership with Cheshire Occupational Health Service, to deliver its annual flu fighter campaign. The hospice communicated with its 120 staff members through a variety of channels and used a range of mythbusting techniques. The team gained support from senior management and directors, who championed the campaign by having their vaccines and encouraged others to do the same. The hospice achieved over 70 per cent staff uptake of the flu vaccine, a fantastic achievement. NHS Employers is part of the NHS Confederation charity and supports employers to put patients first. It provides a voice for employers on national policy decisions, produces up-to-date guidance for leaders and managers and leads on national pay negotiations. The NHS Confederation represents 85 per cent of NHS providers and commissioners. The organisation has nearly 500 members across health and social care, including hospitals, community and mental health providers, ambulance trusts and independent sector organisations providing NHS care. It is the only membership body to bring together and speak on behalf of the whole NHS. Health & Social Care Best Team Carers Award