GHP April 2016

ghp April 2016 | 7 Proton Partners will Transform Cancer Care in the UK Speaking at the BioWales flagship event for the life sciences sector in Wales, Mr Moran discussed Proton Partners’ progress in bringing proton beam therapy to the UK. There are currently no operational proton beam thera- py facilities in the UK and therefore Wales-based com- pany Proton Partners are in the process of developing three new centres – in Newport, Northumberland and London. Work has already begun on the first centre, located in Newport, which will provide chemotherapy and radiotherapy later this year, and proton beam therapy in 2017. Proton Partners has also just received formal planning permission for the second centre in North- umberland. Mr Moran said: “There is a growing demand for pro- ton beam therapy in the UK. Currently patients have to travel abroad to receive treatment and therefore Proton Partners aim to fill the void that has developed in the UK’s cancer landscape. “Each of our three centres will have the capacity to treat 500 unique patients a year. Our plan is to network our centres together into an eco-system to help advance proton beam therapy technology from a patient perspective, rather than a manufacturers per- spective, and develop greater outcomes for patients. “The spirt of our centres is to beat cancer. This thera- py is not a panacea but it does make a real difference for patients and will help to revolutionise the level of care that is currently available.” Also taking part in the event was Proton Partners In- ternational Non-Executive Chairman, Professor McVie. He added: “By 2020, one third of the world’s pop- ulation will be affected by cancer and therefore our plans mark the most strategic healthcare project for decades. “We will provide an all-encompassing cancer service for patients, delivering world class imaging, chemo- therapy, radiotherapy and proton beam therapy treatment. “Every patient deserves the best possible care without needing to leave the country or spend huge amounts of money.” The theme of this year’s BioWales event is Connect and Collaborate, building on Wales’ collaborative strength, bringing together industry experts, life science investors and international networks to focus on the interaction between business, academia and healthcare. On 1st March 2016 Proton Partners International announced they aim to “revolutionise” the UK’s cancer landscape, its Chief Executive Officer Mike Moran said.