GHP August 2015

ghp August 2015 | 13 industry insight Anoto group, a global leader in digital writing solutions provides the ability for people within any organisation to capture data. People adopting any new technologies and processes is vital and still remains one of the biggest challenges faced by organisations today. An Anoto digital pen works and feels like a traditional pen. It consists of small-sized, cost-efficient com- ponents which allows for an impressive battery life, enabling what is probably the most versatile digital pen on the market. With the capacity to capture up to 50 full A4 letter size pages of handwritten data, users save time and significantly reduce the risk of error from poor handwriting. With built-in Bluetooth and USB capabilities, users also have the ability to store their written data in a reliable and safe manner as well as enabling easy transfer of data. The digital pen and paper solution is already being used within the healthcare industry, in areas of the NHS which include physiotherapy, occupational therapy and midwife services capturing precise and reliable patient data digitally. This intuitive approach to safeguarding accuracy is vital within the health- care sector and in helping to improve patient care by saving healthcare professionals time and improving efficiency of transferring the patient information. Reducing administrative workloads drastically, the digital pen and paper solution is popular with staff and is now being deployed further afield within the healthcare industry. Recently, The Welsh Ambulance Service Trust deployed 1,700 digital pens to staff across the service, ensuring that their paramedic staff can generate an electronic patient record at the scene and then immediately transfer this record to their back-end clinical systems. Anoto’s innovative approach enables organisations within the healthcare industry to leverage existing working practices to remove the obstacle of user adoption while embracing a world leading data cap- ture technology. The combination of Pen & Paper is the purest form of information collection, so adopting a digital Pen & Paper solution is the most intuitive and natural step towards digital transformation. With a digital solution that is gaining visibility within the healthcare industry as well as other commercial sectors, more trusts and businesses are investing in this proven digital solu- tion. Growing steadily, Anoto has taken orders from around the world, with clients in China, Korea and India as well as closer to home, with the digital writ- ing technology already heavily used in the company’s home country of Sweden, as well as across the rest of Europe and the UK. The Anoto Group being a global leader in digital writing solutions has over 100 employees and is headquartered in Lund, Sweden, with additional of- fices located in Basingstoke and Wetherby in the UK, American cities Los Angeles and Boston and Japan’s capital Tokyo. The firm has set up a California based subsidiary We-Inspire Inc. which specialises in full digital collaboration environments. Stein Revelsby, the firm’s CEO, said of the subsidiary: ‘The We-Inspire Inc. solution is a natural extension of Anoto’s products and ecosystem and it is an exciting opportunity to expand our business.’ We-Inspire Inc. is an award winning firm, having won Best Visual Collaboration Solution for Creatives at InfoComm in July this year. Anoto’s partner Optika Display also did well at the annual conference and exhibition for professional audio visual buyers and sellers, winning the award for Best Personal Work- space for Creatives. In addition to their subsidiary company Anoto has recently acquired XMS Penvision AB, an innovative Swedish software company specializing in digital writing solutions whose signature product, Formi- dable, is the foundation for Anoto Live Forms, an Anoto Enterprise Solutions application for signatures, document and mobile data capture. Aquiring XMS Pensvision was a shrewd move for Anoto, who can now control the supply of Formidable and the price they pay for it. Revelsby made it clear that this acquisition would complement the firm’s existing departments and products. ‘The acquisition of XMS Penvision gives us better control of the value chain, flexibility in pricing and a product suitable for sale through larger resellers. They have a highly competent team that comple- ments our own in-house software development.’ The digital pen and paper solution, has scope for further growth, particularly in the healthcare industry, with the product offering a unique service which will ultimately impact on the way in which notes are taken and transcribed throughout the healthcare service market. Ultimately the market for digital writing seems to be moving towards replacing keyboards with digital pens capable of working at a far faster pace and being more efficient and reliable than writing notes out by hand. Anoto predicts a future where a single Anoto digital pen will enable people to capture data and notes on any surface and then connect, share and interact using this information in a seamless environment, allowing for the fast and effective transfer of data.