GHP August 2015

inside this issue this month’s features editor’s note “Currently, the Trust has to manage over 450,000 patient clinical records and other associated clinical forms per annum. The move to digital recording of this information in September 2015 will im- prove our record keeping but more importantly our ability to audit and evaluate the quality of the care we provide. ” Richard Lee, Interim Assistant Director of Operations , Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust Redefining the Melanoma Care Process Through a Multidiciplinary Telemedicine Platform In order to meet the challenges of the melanoma care process, the tele- medicine platform, Dermicus™ and a novel work strategy are introduced in Sweden. Page 24 MSM: A Miracle Molecule? At the end of the last century, MSM was welcomed as a strong contend- er for the title ‘Nutraceutical of the Next Century’. Fifteen years have passed since, and it is time to take a look where MSM stands today. Page 32 04 News 08 Oxygen Dependent Killing of Bacteria in Wounds of Diabetic Patients 12 Digital Pen to Revolutionise Healthcare 14 Modernisation in the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust 16 The Importance of Designing Dementia Friendly Care Environments 18 The Quest for a Superbug Solution 20 Antimicrobial Resistance: No Solution, no Cure! 28 Bacterial Vaginosis – A Common and Hidden Health Problem Among Fertile Women, Still Often Treated with Antibiotics Several Times a Year 30 The Swedish Government’s Stance on Antibiotic Resistance 36 Cognitive Training: Tackling the Cost of Mental Health in the Workplace 38 Northern Sweden Shows the World How to Implement Re- mote Virtual Healthcare 42 GS1 UK: Raising Standards 44 2020 Vision: Digital Efficiency and Innovation in the NHS 46 Why Smaller Pharma Firms Are the Place to Be Global Health & Pharma, 39A Birmingham Road, Blakedown, Worcestershire, DY10 3JW Tel: +44 (0) 1234 567 890 | Email: [email protected] | Web: Welcome to the August Issue of GHP Magazine. This month, the JPIAMR discusses anti- microbial resistance and what needs to be done to overcome it. Glen Hodgson, Head of Healthcare at GS1 UK talks us through how the not-for- profit organisation is changing the NHS for the better. Elsewhere, staying with the NHS, the King’s Fund explain the policy commitments due to take place within the service by 2020. Anoto digital pens are in the spotlight this month, with the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust discussing how the technology fits into their modernisation plans and Anoto themselves explaining how the pens work and what they can do for healthcare services. Paul Klein Breteler talks us through the benefits of MSM and its potential uses in healthcare and Sarah Waller highlights the importance of designing safe environments for dementia patients. Small pharma is the place to be, according to Abid Kanji, who outlines the benefits of smaller firms in the industry. The disguised threat of bacterial vaginosis is explored in detail as Laccure showcase a new product designed to prevent and cure it. We hope you enjoy this issue!