GHP December 2015

ghp Research, Translation, Commercialisation December 2015 Good Laboratory Standards Developed for Dealing with Infectious Diseases Public Health England is in the final stages of creating UK SMI Q 7, which is designed to provide advice on good laboratory practice when undertaking serology assays for infectious diseases. GS1 standards in healthcare – giving the certainty of truth Glen Hodgson, Head of Healthcare at GS1 UK, the independent, not-for-profit standards organisation of over 29,000 members, explains how GS1 standards are seen as vital in healthcare. Essentia Progress in Sterile Services and Beyond We speak to Tracy Cheung, Head of Marketing and Engagement and Anne-Marie Watts, Head of Sterile Services, to find out more about the exciting new projects the firm is working on. Why employees need a special space away from the desk to restore psyche