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14 | ghp December 2016 Health & Social Care he little blue pill’ as it has colloquially become known, was patented in 1996. Now, erectile dysfunction, which is believed to affect a third of men in the UK, can be treated quickly and conveniently online. PrivateDoc has unveiled its service to help those looking to positively treat erectile dysfunction,or impotence as it is commonly known. Considered an issue inherent to ageing, with an estimated 50 per cent of 40 to 70 year olds experiencing it to some degree, the latest figures show that impotence is also becoming more common among young men. A study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that one out of every four new patients treated for erectile dysfunction is under 40 years old. Eric Hobson, chief marketing officer at PrivateDoc, says, “erectile dysfunction or impotence, is no longer a taboo subject and getting treatment for the condition is becoming ever more commonplace as global figures from the sale of treatments showed a sharp increase over the past few years. “Research points to a rise in erectile dysfunction among an increasingly younger male populace, and while sales for treatments are increasing, for some men there is still a reluctance to visit their GP about the condition. In fact, a third of men fail to seek treatment to address impotence, despite research showing that it causes the breakdown of one in five relationships. “Medical treatments - such as Viagra and Sildenafil - can be an effective and safe form of management for what can cause a huge impact on quality of life. It’s crucial there is a service to help these patients and, particularly for those who are time-poor, there’s a demand for an option that doesn’t entail taking time off work to sit in a GP surgery. That’s where PrivateDoc can help.” As well as erectile dysfunction, PrivateDoc offers doctor consultation and medication for complaints such as hair loss and influenza. Other services include the contraceptive pill for women, and weight loss treatment. Eric adds: “Many of the conditions we treat and drugs we dispense are sensitive subjects for the patient, where face-to-face appointments with a doctor may be a barrier to treatment. After the first hurdle of telling the surgery receptionist the nature of their complaint, they then need to visit their surgery and have a one-on-one consultation with their doctor, before paying for a treatment. Our approach is a lot quicker and more discreet. Plus, once dispensed, all prescriptions can be delivered to the patient’s address of choice usually within 24 hours. “ We turn to online for all of our daily needs; shopping, gaming and even dating, so why not for a doctor’s appointment and prescription delivery? We’re constantly inundated with news of longer waiting times to see our GPs, so we’re hoping to take patients with non-life threatening conditions out of the waiting room and online instead. ” Patients using PrivateDoc complete a questionnaire relating to their condition, which is then submitted to a GMC-registered doctor for review. Once accepted, the patient pays for the medicine prescribed, before it is dispensed from a British pharmacy for next day delivery*. “We’re already seeing a major shift in attitudes to online healthcare, with many people frustrated at the current GP surgery structure. PrivateDoc is the secure, private and hassle-free alternative”, adds Eric. Online clinic,PrivateDoc believes the millions of British men with erectile dysfunction are no longer embarrassed by seeking treatment for the condition, thanks to products such as Viagra, which have become part of the vernacular over the past two decades. 20 Years On: Breaking the Taboo on the ‘Little Blue Pill’ ‘T