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ghp December 2016 | 19 Innovation & Technology Always Time for Gelatin Gelatins/PB Leiner is currently one of the largest gelatin producers globally, and it is Linda’s mission to ensure that this remains so. “PB Leiner USA stands out in the level of support – product, technical, regulatory, and otherwise – that we offer to our customers,” she describes. “We also have a strong customer focus, as without them we would not be anywhere near as successful as we are today.” This proven in two instances of client testimony that Linda shares. In the first case, a customer providing hospital feedings globally had been supplying into the UK, until the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) had a policy change, and the customer now could not get their product past the border. “We worked directly and urgently with the customer and with the FDA, citing our own qualifications for delivery to EU and UK, to obtain a health certificate for the customer, to get their delivery to the hospitals before they ran out. We then worked with the customer to achieve their own qualification for health certificates to the EU.” In a separate occurrence, a customer making embosphere injectables had new requirements from their reporting body, requiring an urgent audit of the facility and a multitude of technical and supporting documentation to satisfy the requirements. “We accommodated the urgent audit (within 2 weeks), and gathered all the information required by the reporting body. The customer remained approved.” This level of support underpins the reason why PB Leiner remains such a major figurehead in the provision of gelatin-related hydrolysates across the world. For Linda, as a Global Manager who also a maintains local role at PB Leiner USA, this has been the realisation of a long and fruitful career in providing supervision and quality management for her chosen industry. Describing her background, her passion and ability become self-evident. “I started in the local QC laboratory in 1987,” she says, “and after moving into senior lab positions, I combined both the QC Manager and QA Manager roles in 2001; I have worked since as liaison to manufacturing groups, international food groups, including AOAC, USP, FDA and USDA. Having worked for so long to promote the safety of gelatin, implementing and improving new ISO systems in cohesion with Global Food Safety Initiative standards, as well as program for Food Defense and EDQM, Linda is today a key customer contact for regulatory support and general product support. Company: PB Leiner USA of PB Gelatins Name: Linda Dodd Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 7001 Brady St., Davenport, Iowa 52806, USA Telephone: 001 563 386 8040 (348) PB Leiner USA is a part of PB Gelatins, of the Belgium-based Tessenderlo Group. At heart, it is a manufacturer of gelatins and gelatin hydrolysates for the food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical (excipient) markets, with compliance to the USA and to global regulation for inclusion in capsules, inmedical devices and in hospital feeding formulae. As a Global Manager and Manager of the Year, Iowa, Linda Dodd works with others to ensure that gelatin retains a strong role in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets – she shares her experiences with GHP Magazine. “ PB Leiner USA stands out in the level of support – product, technical, regulatory, and otherwise – that we offer to our customers, ” PB