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20 | ghp December 2016 A Step Above and Beyond he primary challenge at Locked4Kids is to make child- safe packages, that comply to – and even go beyond – the legislation in regards to Child-Safe Packaging. Despite the downturn experienced by the graphic industry in the past few years, Ecobliss’ Locked4Kids has achieved substantial growth in this same period because of innovation and genuine out-of-the-box thinking. Locked4Kids is primarily a child resistant packaging platform, meaning that they are not focussed solely on cartons, but also on developing and innovating a wide range of child-resistant packaging applications, the main goal being to save the lives of as many young children as we can with our Locked4Kids product range. With comprehensive supporting services, Ecobliss provides an integrated approach to both traditional and innovative packaging projects. They do this by using their three-step business model of Development, Realization and Implementation. Locked4Kids is also an organisation with very few layers. Everybody is addressed on a first-name basis, and the management knows every single employee. An employee has the freedom to think outside of the box; this is even encouraged, and these opinions will always be taken in consideration for future innovations. In the development stage, extensive testing has previously been executed by the independent Belgian Verpakkings Instituut (BVI) into Locked4Kids’ process of product development. This testing was done with children in the age of 42-51 months, as well as adults between 50 and 70 years, and amazing results were achieved. In mid-2014, Ecobliss managed to get certification on three different sizes of cartons, and with that came a range certificate, meaning that all cartons between the smallest and largest tested carton could be mass-produced, without the need for re-certification. After this certification, Locked4Kids was introduced to the wider market. Now, with every new development, this same extensive testing is done over and over again in order to achieve maximum safety. This adherence to continuous testing and improvement, as well as the bravery to allow genuine innovation to flourish, depict a no-nonsense culture towards product safety. By involving everybody, in every layer of the hierarchy, in the process of maintaining attention and care for every single customer, Locked4Kids prefer short communication lines, both internally as well as externally. Three times a week, the entire team gathers to discuss points of attention and the latest developments, using a digital portal for registration and maintenance of quality matters, and backed up by state-of-the-art equipment to provide samples and prototypes that comply to the highest standards. These are good services not only for employees, but also for the children that will benefit from the rigorous testing that each concept undergoes. Company: Locked4Kids Inc. Name: Ron Linssen Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 1000 N West Street, Suite 1200, Wilmington, Delaware 19801, USA Telephone: +1 302-295-4821 Through the success of cold seal packaging, Ecobliss has become a known name in the market. With many years of experience, Ecobliss is – today - recognized to be the Smart Source for the entire scope of blister and high-visibility packaging, and for its efforts to expertly and successfully guide and execute the packaging processes of companies of all sizes in all industries around the world. Ecobliss’ latest development is Locked4Kids, and has attained highly-renowned status as the best safety packaging development company. T part of the group Innovation & Technology