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22 | ghp December 2016 Rediscovering A Passion Research & Development 2003, on the threshold of becoming Vice President for her company at the time, Spring Taylor made a huge decision: to follow her passion rather than her ego, as she puts it. Stepping back and focusing on what she loved, rather than on her title, she shares her journey from an executive member to a passionate and dedicated contributor to healthcare events as a Manager. “I left my then-current position and worked towards becoming the best Tradeshow, Convention and Event Manager that I could be. At first, I had to take a giant step back, and it was hard to convince people that I was in fact okay with taking on a less prominent position. The titles may have varied slightly in that time, but my key focus has remained directed towards corporate events; I have spent the past 13 years perfecting this passion. My primary focus, though, has always been healthcare. With a strong desire to better people’s lives, it has been a clear choice. When the opportunity at Myriad presented itself in 2013 to become the Convention Manager, I was more than happy to take it on. We have made some wonderful changes and additions to how things were being done that have been cost effective as well as time savers, such as bringing meetings to our convention booth rather than have people running all over the convention center or the city for that matter. Meeting rooms at the booth have been something I have always been a strong proponent for, due to the simplicity of the location to meet with people. You have the space you should utilize it in the most impactful way. Conventions are about relationships. People buy or choose companies the same way that they choose their friends and partners, based off of who they like, and feel comfortable being with. Just having the best product or perceived best product will not make you a winner. It is the people and relationships that make you a winner. The people at Myriad believe passionately about making the world a better place, saving lives and helping patients. That is what makes us a stronger company than our competition. Myriad is expanding its reach, and we are steadily but surely increasing our impact on patient care by introducing new molecular diagnostic and companion diagnostic tests for a growing number of diseases. We also are focused on expanding internationally in an effort to broaden our geographic footprint and provide our life- saving products and services to patients and healthcare professionals around the world. Company: Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Inc. Name: Spring V. Taylor Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 320 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, Myriad Genetics was founded in 1991, ten years before the human genome was sequenced, making Myriad one of the first genomics companies in history. Today, Myriad is the pioneer and leader in molecular diagnostics, offering innovative products that transform patients’ lives. These products include leading molecular diagnostic tests for hereditary cancer, urological cancer, lung cancer, autoimmune disorders and other diseases. Spring Taylor, Manager of the Year, Utah, tells all. In