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ghp July 2015 | 23 industry insight The Nordic Life Science Days, the largest Nordic part- nering event within the global Life Science industry, will bring together the top talents in Life Sciences, of- fering amazing net-working and partnering opportuni- ties, providing inputs and content on the most recent trends to industry insiders, set within the beautiful surrounding of Stockholm city. The event garners attention from key players in the Life Sciences sector, not only from biotech, pharma and medtech but also from finances, research, policy and regulatory authorities making it a varied and engaging conference. Hosting this prestigious event will be Bionordic, an international firm specialising in Life Science event planning and SwedenBIO, the Swedish Life Science industry organization, alongside co-hosts ScanBalt BioRegion, Swedish Medtech and LIF, the research-based pharmaceutical industry organisa- tion. The hosts predict, using attendance of previous Nordic Life Science days as a guide, that this year’s event will attract as many as 1000 or more interna- tional delegates. The 2015 conference will involve a new and interac- tive design which will allow visitors more connection to those exhibiting as well as a new Company Presenta- tion format which enriches the experience for both the presenter and the viewer. There will also be new partnering areas which will allow privacy and comfort for those engaging in dis- cussions. This is linked to the event’s adoption of the partneringONE (EBD Group) software, which enables users to prepare for partnering with another firm six weeks before the event, then select and schedule partnering meetings with registered companies. Once the user has imputed details such as when they are available for meetings and created a profile of them- selves, they are able to accept or decline invitations or send their own. After that the software takes care of all the scheduling and arranging, as well as making your own personalised schedule so the user is able to easily access information about their meetings. There are also helpful tutorials available for participants new to partnering. Last year’s event saw 1,600 successful scheduled face-to-face meetings. In addition to this there will also be numerous net- working opportunities, allowing both companies and individuals the chance to expand their industry con- nections. As well as offering a central networking area the event also hosts an Official Networking Reception followed by a downtown special event which will offer the opportunity for participants to meet in relaxed, informal environment. There is a plethora of speakers from around the globe, with confirmed speakers including Dr. Stefan Simian- er, Senior Director International Clinical Development AbbVie, USA, Dr. Timothy Fisher, Director, Search and Evaluation, BMS, USA, Dr. Olaf Ritzeler R&D Partner- ship Director, Strategy, Science Policy & External In- novation, Sanofi, Ms. Wills Hugues-Wilson, SVP, Chief Patient Access Officer SOBI, USA, Mr. David Phillips, VP and Partner, SROne GSK Corporate Venture, UK. Global Life Science companies including AstraZene- ca, MSD, Pfizer, Sanofi, and Johnson and Johnson. The program includes a number of interestingly titled ‘Super Sessions’, which include: ‘Rare Diseases - Development trends and strategies of orphan drugs’; ‘The Baltic Sea Region as one test site for the devel- opment of health care products and services’; ‘The Future Health: New Players and New Possibilities in the Digital Era’ and ‘Nordic Stars Awards and Nordic Life Science Landscape’. There is a session for every- one, with widely varied topics designed to stimulate discussion and debate. Workshops are also being held allowing visitors a more in-depth look at specific sectors and to learn new ideas and theories from a group of experts in an interactive, informal setting. These sessions will be a key opportunity for visitors to the Nordic Life Science days to learn about the latest trends and success stories during sessions focused on specific sessions including research and develop- ment, business development and investment. There will also be the chance to connect to key executives speaking at the event, which will allow a participants greater participation in the conference. 70+ Companies are also given the opportunity to pres- ent at the conference, with a variety of engaging and thought-provoking discussions. The firms will pitch products and services and give an insight into their company practises during their presentations. See the final presenters list on . Specially selected candidates will also have the oppor- tunity to showcase their knowledge and display their newest projects, as well as get an immediate feedback during a six or twelve minute presentation, providing the audience with deeper insight in to the vital work going on throughout their industry. An intense and vivid exhibition entitled ‘The Life Science Value Chain’ will run through the centre of the main networking area, showcasing the work of many companies and allowing visitors to view the firm’s technologies, regions, companies and ser- vices. The exhibition will feature both regional and country pavilions (clusters and bioregions), allowing companies from around the world the opportunity to showcase their work. The event will run between 9th and 10th of Septem- ber 2015 at the picturesque Waterfront Convention Center Stockholm, Sweden. Contact: Olivier Duchamp Managing Director NLSDays CEO, Bionordic Services [email protected]