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inside this issue this month’s features editor’s note “Our capacity to compete globally depends on how well we can harness our research, innovation and entrepreneurial strengths. ” Reza Moridi, Minister of Research and Innovation, Ontario Canada p.28 The WHO Global Action Plan to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance Gabriel Wikström, Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport for the Swedish SDP, recently spoke about Antibiotic Resistance, the global health care systems and innovation. Page 18 NHS Discharge System Needs Remodelling Report from Healthwatch England shows that from 2012 to 2013 there were over 1 million emergency readmissions within 30 days of discharge, costing the service an estimated £2.4 billion. Page 26 04 News 14 Working Towards Improved Wound Management in Europe 20 Diabetes Innovation BioCool, a medicated foot bath which offers relief from mild foot problems. 22 Nordic Life Science Days 24 BREXIT: Implications for the Life Sciences Industry 28 New Funding Gives Boost to the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine 30 Organ Issue NHS reports that for the first time in over a decade the number of deceased organ donors has dropped, leaving services stretched with demand still high. 32 Seven Years on: Three ways project finance has changed since the financial crisis 34 Potential Breakthrough in Treatment of Tendinopathy 36 What can Doctors Learn from Bankers? 40 Can UAE Reach Ambitious 2021 Health Goals? 42 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to Lead $17 Million Canadian Project 44 Ongoing Challenges in Identifying and Tackling Food Fraud Are Vital to Safeguarding Public Health Global Health & Pharma, 39A Birmingham Road, Blakedown, Worcestershire, DY10 3JW Tel: +44 (0) 1234 567 890 | Email: [email protected] | Web: Welcome to the July Issue of GHP Magazine. This month we have a speech by Gabriel Wikström, the Swedish Minister for Health, discussing antimicrobial resistance and the Swedish government’s actions against it. We also take a look at the Nordic Life Sci- ence days, a global event bringing together leaders in the global life science industry. Focusing on diabetes, we pinpoint a clinical trial which shows the benefits of Biocool, a foot bath product, for treating foot issues often prevalent among diabetes sufferers. Innovative new treatment for tendinopathy is analysed this month as we examine the potential effects that CollPlant’s new prod- uct could have on healthcare. We turn the spotlight on the NHS, examin- ing a new Healthwatch report which shows that the discharge procedures within the service need drastic remodelling.There is also a report about the drop in organ donation and the effect this is having on an already strained service. There is also a piece about how a poten- tial British exit from the Euro could affect the life sciences industry and we have an exclusive interview with Dr Rossant of the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine, who outlines the effects that new govern- ment funding will have on the research being done at the institute. We hope you enjoy this issue!