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8 | ghp July 2015 Plastic Surgery Fashions Revealed has offered a mid-year overview of the latest trends in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are often shaped by fashion and trends, as customers copy celebrities and fashion trends induce clients to appreciate the features of previously hidden body parts. New research from private healthcare search en- has isolated the current trends in cosmetic procedures. The research examined the number of enquires across its site over the last year, then compared this to the data from the same period of the previous year. Full abdominoplasty, the operation which involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen, is the fastest emerging trend, with en- quiries for the procedure increasing by an impressive 264% in just six months. Another procedure which saw increased enquires from potential patients was arm lifts, or brachioplasty, which saw the second highest growth in interest with an as- tonishing 239% over six months. The procedure, which is a form of body contouring, is normally performed on patients with loose or sagging skin on the upper arms which is often colloquially known as ‘bingo wings’. Breast implants have remained the most popular en- quired after procedure, top of both last year’s and this year’s current lists, with a 98% increase in enquires since 2014. The popularity of some procedures was not so endur- ing, with demand for bottom implants only increasing by 15% since last year. Other surgeries have even seen their demand decrease as their popularity wanes, with areola (nipple) reduction interest falling by 36% and interest in hymenoplasty (is the surgical restoration of the hymen) dropping by 22%. Emily Ross, the Director of, highlight- ed the fact that despite alternative solutions becoming more readily available clients there is still a high demand for plastic surgery. ‘Despite the fact that the range of non-surgical alter- natives available to UK consumers has broadened considerably, full surgical procedures for cosmetic purposes are more popular than ever. Breast aug- mentation is by far the most common plastic surgery treatment being sought by UK patients, though we are also seeing more men seeking treatment for male breast reduction.’ By exposing the current trends in plastic surgery procedures this study offers private plastic surgery firms the chance to alter marketing campaigns around the current trends and prepare themselves for an onslaught of bookings for certain procedures as demand soars. news