GHP July 2016

ghp Research, Translation, Commercialisation inside this issue this month’s feature editor’s note “We know our NHS faces many pressures and is treating more patients, with more complex illnesses, than ever before. Despite these pressures, the fantastic staff working in the NHS continue to deliver high quality care.” Health Secretary Shona Robison UK’s National Health Service After Leave Vote – Silver Lining in the Long Term Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst -Transformational Health, Tanvir Jaikishen reveals that the accelerated adoption of new technologies, therapeutic applications and innovative business models will impact the European Healthcare Industry. Page 60 04 News 12 New law failing to deliver for England’s unpaid carers 14 Health and Social Care bodies warn integration plans are at risk amidst mounting pressures 16 Cancer survival rates in Wales continue to rise 18 Implementation of Scotland’s new cancer strategy underway 20 Health Minister Michelle O’Neill outlines plans to champion Mental Health 22 10 Tips for choosing childcare for SEN children 24 Manchester cancer treatment company first to secure funding from £100m SME funding drive 26 UCL Technology fund makes £1 Million investment in gene therapy company, Freeline Therapeutics 28 F2G Ltd announces $60 Million financing to progress development of novel antifungal agents 30 Pharmaceutical industry licensing deals soared to record $46.2 Billion in 2015, says GlobalData 32 Advanced secures £1.3 Million contract with UK’s first ental Health Service for 0-25 year-olds 34 Faron licenses Traumakine® Korean rights to Pharmbio Korea Inc. (“Pharmbio”) 36 Digital health and point of care driving growth opportunities in the rise of mobile molecular 38 NHS Scotland to reduce reporting time from hours to seconds with analytics application 40 Emerging medical devices and imaging technologies identified to disrupt and transform the Healthcare 42 Proton partners Will deliver a cancer treatment network 44 Improved Healthcare delivery models across Africa transform the industry 46 Sanger Institute: GA4GH model for genomic and clinical data sharing 48 Scarcity of mass production infrastructure threatens growth opportunities in cell-based therapies 50 Italy actions to counter superbug advance 52 “Disease outbreak guarantees” – A proposed mechanism for enhancing public health capacity 54 Faster-acting insulin aspart 56 Report - Growing belief in approach to combating rising cost of Healthcare 58 Two key patents on Glutaminyl Cyclase (QC) inhibition for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) granted in Japan 60 UK’s National Health Service after leave vote – silver lining in the long term 62 How compassionate companies are getting the best from their teams 64 Improving GP recruitment and retention 66 More NHS staff than ever before 68 Sanifit appoints Preston S. Klassen MD, MHS as Chief Medical Officer and announce new US subsidiary 70 Laura Trott announced as new brand ambassador for healthy fast food chain Global Health & Pharma, Floor 1, Suite F, The Maltsters, 1-2 Wetmore Road, Burton On Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1LS Tel: +44 (0) 1234 567 890 | Email: [email protected] | Web: A very warm welcome to the July 2016 edition of Global Health & Pharma, which begins on an upbeat note with breaking health news from the UK Government, the Northern Ireland Executive, the Scottish Government and the National Assembly for Wales. Speaking at a major conference in Cardiff, Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for Health Vaughan Gething, recently raised awareness of the excellent employment careers that exist within NHS Wales. And Northern Ireland Health Minister Michelle O’Neill in late June set out her ambitious priorities for the next phase of reform of health and social care. In major news, the implementation of Scotland’s £100 million cancer strategy will drive improvements in access to cancer care, Health Secretary Shona Robison said in June. The strategy will invest in the prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare for cancer patients – as well improving treatment waiting times. In other news, we reveal the findings of a new report published in May, The Global Market for Population Health Management, which claims that the cumulative global economic burden of chronic disease is estimated to rise to be around US$240 trillion between 2013 and 2025. The need for solutions to the escalation in healthcare costs is being experienced within both the government and the corporate sectors in almost all countries worldwide. Moving to the subject of technology, respected Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst Tanvir Jaikishen reveals that the accelerated adoption of new technologies, therapeutic applications and innovative business models will certainly impact the European Healthcare Industry of the future. In a special guest article, Dr Michael Sinclair and Josie Seydel, authors of the book Working with Mindfulness discuss the shift towards compassion in business, and how this can be summed up on a macro level by looking at how we can ensure that businesses are thriving rather than simply surviving. I hope you enjoy reading this compelling edition.