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24 | ghp June 2015 products SurgiQuest’s AirSeal ® System Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Transanal Endoscopic Surgery To date, the growth of transanal endoscopic surgery has been limited due to the technological constraints of conventional insufflation technology which is unable to provide a consistent, smoke-free working space. Because the AirSeal System ensures stable insufflation of the rectum and provides continuous smoke evacuation, surgeons can now perform TES with increased confidence, thus enabling faster adoption and proliferation within the global colorectal community. The category of transanal endoscopic surgery includes both transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS) and transanal total mesorectal excision (TaTME), a surgical technique that has been shown to significantly improve patient outcomes in colorectal cancer procedures. “The AirSeal Platform is a key factor in performing an ideal TaTME procedure,” said Dr. Joep Knol, a colorectal surgeon in Belgium and the first to use the AirSeal System in a transanal surgical ap- proach. “By achieving a stable pneumorectum and providing optimal smoke evacuation, a meticulous dissection is possible.” “The AirSeal System has had a significant impact on our ability to perform both TAMIS and TaTME procedures,” stated Matthew Albert, MD, who is the Program Director of the Colorectal Fellowship at Florida Hospital in Orlando, FL and an Amer- ican pioneer in transanal endoscopic surgery. “From the first time I used it clinically, I knew this technology would elevate our surgical capabilities, improve patient outcomes, and help reduce proce- dure time and costs.” “Using AirSeal is essential to establish a clear and stable operative field,” said Roel Hompes, MD, a leading colorectal surgeon at Oxford University SurgiQuest, Inc, a leading provider of innovative access technologies for minimally invasive sur- gery (MIS), has announced that its AirSeal® System recently received 510(k) Clearance from the FDA for Transanal Endoscopic Surgery (TES). Hospitals, NHS Trust, in the United Kingdom. “It has enabled us to perform our TaTME procedures in a safe and more effective way.” About SurgiQuest SurgiQuest, Inc. is a privately held venture-backed company, founded in May 2006. The Company develops, manufactures and markets innovative access technologies for minimally invasive surgery. SurgiQuest’s patented AirSeal Access System both optimizes the endoscopic environment and provides unparalleled stability in the operative during MIS. Unlike conventional insufflation and trocar systems, the Company’s breakthrough integrated platform en- sures stable pneumoperitoneum, continuously evac- uates smoke and plume when energized medical de- vices such as electro-cautery, laser or ultrasound are used, and provides valve-free access to the operative cavity during robotic, laparoscopic and other endo- scopic surgical procedures. AirSeal®, AnchorPort®, Low Impact® Laparoscopy, and SurgiQuest® are registered trademarks of SurgiQuest, Inc. All rights reserved. Additional information about SurgiQuest products can be found at .