ghp June 2015

6 | ghp June 2015 Revolutionary Sterillo Rolled out in All CEF Branches New hand dryer, the Sterillo is the first in the UK to eradicate bad smells in public wash- rooms. Infections that spread in public washrooms including Salmonella, E-Coli, MRSA and Hepatitis A, will also be destroyed. The new Sterillo, kills the bacteria, mould and viruses that contaminate, spread disease and cause odours in public washrooms. The Sterillo is already in great demand and being rolled out via CEF, the UK’s leading electri- cal wholesale network. It will be available in all 400 branches of CEF across the UK and Ireland. The traditional electrical wholesale market is worth around £5 billion per annum and CEF’s UK branch network is a £0.5 billion business. Whilst CEF is a traditional electrical wholesale busi- ness it embraces the multi-channel world and new technologies like the Sterillo to ensure it can provide customers with the very best and most innovative products. Jeremy Saunders, General Manager at CEF says: “CEF are delighted to be a partner in this exciting new product launch, the Sterillo hand dryer represents a truly excellent development in the washroom product sector and the benefits to both the end client and users are really significant. We are very much looking forward to taking the product to market and informing and up- dating our customers of its benefits. The Sterillo is now available from our network of 400 branches and online.” Typically, 40% of an average public washroom is contaminat- ed by bacteria and viruses with one of the most affected areas being the wash basin and taps where we ‘clean’ our hands. Until now, it has been virtually impossible to avoid self-con- tamination in a public washroom. Cleaning the air and all exposed surfaces is the only solution. By achieving this, the Sterillo reduces staff absenteeism, cleaning costs for employ- ers and also helps to prevent epidemics such as norovirus in schools, hospitals and businesses. Steve Levy, Inventor of the Sterillo says: “Regardless of how someone dries their hands, as soon as they touch any of the washroom surfaces or the door handle to exit the washroom they are almost certainly re-contaminating themselves. The only solution in public washrooms is to sanitise the entire environment by cleaning all the air and all the surfaces. We are delighted to offer a solution and to enter this partnership with CEF. We look forward to bringing The Sterillo to businesses and communities across the country.” Washroom conditions can quickly spiral out of control, one bacte- ria can multiply to 8 million in 8 hours. Many Brits believe they are germ dodgers but in current conditions this isn’t manageable, the only solution for washroom hygiene is to sanitise the environ- ment the air and all of the surfaces. For more information visit the Sterillo website news