GHP November 2016

ghp November 2016 | 13 It also provides a solution for population health management. And, incorporates all critical functional capabilities, and non-functional ones: from data privacy to compliance to security. As importantly, it’s tailorable and scalable to each individual customer, to their unique ecosystem and desired outcomes; as well as to given countries’ cultures, demographics and payer, provider, compliance contexts. A versatile design reflects our deep and active learning and best practices in and across many industries; which translates into wiser guidance for customers as they navigate this equally challenging and promising new landscape. Ideally, it offers a welcome paradigm for everyone engaged in the healthcare continuum; from providers and payers to governments and thought leaders; technology innovators and our own peers. As we guide customers into this rapidly evolving territory, we ask them to approach it as holistically as possible: with a more encompassing strategy, not just in terms of tactical elements like apps or smart devices, or business or patient information sites. In ways that facilitate vital, valued collaboration between patients, caregivers, payers and patient representatives, advocates. Our frontline experience has shown us that once they change to a wider, wiser lens, they can more effectively restructure and alter processes around patients’ individual needs and expectations, their treatment lifecycle and their entire healthcare journey—and be able to map and meet them one-on- one, across the board. There are epic rewards for those groups that get it right. We believe company leaders need to inspire and shepherd this change to connected care from the top down. Some have already begun. We invite you to join them; and to reach out to us for more information, insights and Company: Wipro Limited Name: Nitin Raizada, Shalini Sharad Contact: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Doddakannelli, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 560 035, India