GHP November 2016

22 | ghp November 2016 Research & Development Eye on the Prize Any industry leader will tell you that they prefer finding cures, rather than finding temporary solutions to any indication of the eye. At Trial Runners, we feel the exact same way. We want to help the community affected by ailments of the eye, but our goal is to help find cures and help people. We have been doing this for over 10 years now, specialising in clinical trials from phase I to IV, especially in the field ophthalmology and rare disease. What has made us become the leaders in our industry, is simply that we have stayed true to our message of providing the very best possible service. As such, Trial Runners has developed a strategic approach to clinical research that maintains the focus of the programme so that it stays within budget, is on time, and is always ethically sound. Providing the best possible services involves working on a number of different elements. Firstly, we are always looking out for our sponsor’s benefit. Secondly, we always have the right staff for each project, who are always highly trained and ready to hit the ground running. Our way of working is to have all hands-on deck, where our staff are available to handle any ad hoc requests (for example data review, data locking, extra monitoring visits) and changing objectives quickly and efficiently. In addition, communication is key for any of these endeavours. We maintain a highly level of communication across all areas, and believe that when you hire Trial Runners, you hire the entire company. Lastly, but certainly not least, we have a high level of adaptability, which is so important as no 2 projects are ever the same. We are 100% adaptable, and in our 10 years of history have had the privilege of working with several companies more than once. The results simply speak for themselves. We have completed 59 Clinical trials with over 10,000 patients treated in our field. In addition to this we have worked in over 16 countries, adding to our global capabilities as a company. Ultimately, we care about the field of ophthalmology, our clients and the community we serve. Company: Trial Runners LLC Name: Jill Healy Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 116 W Villard, Dickinson ND, 58601 Telephone: +1 (701) 483 3599 Trial Runners is a highly innovative ophthalmology contract research organisation (CRO), providing biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with clinical research management services. Trial Runners have worked on over 50 clinical studies researching innovative ways to manage or cure diseases related to the eye.