GHP November 2016

ghp November 2016 | 23 Leading the Way Through Diligent Research MSD Switzerland is closely engaged in clinical research and manufacturing medicines for commercial and clinical trial use, and is regarded as one of the leaders of R&D-based pharmaceutical companies. MSD is active in a wide range of different therapeutic areas, meaning that its people are reaching patients from right across the country. As a Director at MSD, Mark McKechnie believes that the company’s work is really all about collectively driving innovative therapeutics to market that advance as the best opportunity for patients’ quality of life. “We are already looking beyond the horizon in the use of digital technologies such as clinical decision support, remote patient monitoring, analytics and augmented reality, will enable the organization to effectively bring therapeutics to market that help the world be well.” Expanding on the commitment to a legacy in Research & Development, Mark addresses the company’s aim of tackling some of the world’s most urgent global health challenges, in order to save and improve lives. “We also stay committed to increasing access to healthcare through far- reaching policies, programs and partnerships. In addition, we see ourselves as a partner to define and deliver comprehensive and innovative healthcare solutions. In Switzerland, for instance, we do this in cooperation with various healthcare partners.” By strengthening health literacy as well as health economics, MSD also engages with the community in which it works, directly and supportively. This highlights the personality of MSD as that of a highly inclusive organisation, and indeed, any success and achievement is recognition for the team as a whole. According to Mark, it takes the collective talents of many people to bring our latest therapeutics to market for the most complex diseases and in a fast changing digitally enabled healthcare environment. For 125 years, MSD has been a global healthcare leader working to help the world be well. Switzerland is one of their central locations. The 600 employees of MSD’s human healthcare division in Switzerland markets prescription medicines and biopharmaceuticals in the treatment areas of anti-infectives – these include HIV/Aids, antibiotic resistance, and hepatitis C, but also covers such crucial healthcare issues as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, immunology, neuroscience, and respiratory diseases. There are still many challenges for MSD to reach, and there will always be people to assist in providing life-saving treatments. In addition, the intersection of healthcare and technology presents us with new opportunities for the healthcare ecoystem to enhance quality of life of patients. Mark thinks especially of immuno-oncology or Alzheimer’s, areas in which MSD is highly active. “In terms of public health in general and Health Technology Assessments specifically,” he summarises, “it will be increasingly important to recognize the value of new therapies. It will be important to take on an encompassing view combining social and economic perspectives. Also, in order to constantly improve the quality of healthcare by better, more innovative medicine around the therapy digital health solutions will be crucial for R&D-based healthcare companies such as MSD and the scope of these investments.” Company: MSD Name: Mark McKechnie Web Address: Director of the Year, Switzerland