GHP October 2015

ghp October 2015 | 37 60 second interview What does your business do? Glossa are an independent speech and language therapy practice for adults with communication or swallowing difficulties. Who are your clients? Adults with acquired difficulties as a result of neurolog- ical illness or injury e.g stroke or head injury. We also support those with voice difficulties or a stammer. What makes you unique? We provide functional, relevant therapy that is cli- ent-led. What’s your biggest challenge facing you at present? Trying to provide services to clients where NHS sup- port is lacking and people cannot self-fund. What’s the aim for your business? To continue to provide support to clients and their families. What’s your company’s biggest challenge? Covering a large geographical area. Name: Lucy Lowson Company: Glossa Ltd Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Unit 1 Greystones Court, York YO32 9ST Telephone: 07764999873 Our Company in 60 Seconds