GHP October 2016

12 | ghp October 2016 Health & Social Care Know the Drill How does Braintree Dental Studio stand out from the crowd? On patients joining our practice, they immediately see the benefits when compared to the routine dental practices that are currently available. We have taken time and care in establishing ourselves as a practice that provides the highest patient safety compliance, whilst also providing complex dental care. We take referrals from dentists and have the ability to plan dental treatment to very high levels of accuracy using our digital workflows. This includes 3D bone and dental scanning, both of which can be manipulated and designed prior to any surgery. How is your company performing at present? Our company is performing well despite the local challenges of being located in a town rather than a city. We have expanded and recently added a 5th dental suite along with a CBCT scanner. We are involved in training young dentists, dental auxiliaries and dental hygienists with some of the best dental education programmes in the UK. What role do your staff play in the successes of your firm? The staff are important in running the dental surgery in an efficient and friendly way. They have the ability to overcome large hurdles when dealing with the public. They have the ability to put patients at ease and ensure that any clinical or non-clinical questions are addressed prior to any surgery or treatment being carried out. We care and develop our staff by investing in and training them to advance their clinical and management skills. What challenges does Braintree Dental studio face in the future? The challenges we see will be based around the extra compliance and governance that may arise from changes in the government NHS contracts. The contract reforms will mean that there will possibly be a change in the team balance to accommodate for revenue/administration requirements as set out by the anticipated contract reforms. This will be difficult to manage and may even include a reduction in revenue for NHS dental practices. The challenges we face as a company is continuing to grow and provide high quality clinical care whilst the competition grows and begins on a journey of cut price dentistry to encourage revenue growth. This has become possible due to cheaper alternative components being available from some European and far eastern countries. Company: Braintree Dental studio Name: Dr. Anup Ladva Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Unit 4, The Square, Notley Green, Great Notley Braintree CM77 7WW Telephone: 01376 569090 Braintree Dental Studio provides high quality advanced dentistry in a comfortable and modern environment. Their team are encouraged to train to a very high clinical level and have undertaken some of the most prestigious postgraduate clinical training around the world. In addition, they care for all patient groups in a highly invested and inviting dental environment, explains the firm’s Dr. Anup Ladva. 1609JC01