GHP October 2016

ghp October 2016 | 17 Health & Social Care A Complementary and Integrative Approach to Better Health In short, they evaluate and provide support and treat- ment for all types of medical conditions, but we spoke to the company’s Dr. Marty Edwards who told us more about the interesting work of his company. How would you define your client base? Our client base is very diversified ranging in age from 3 to 83, from movie stars to the homeless, they come to us from all walks of life. What makes your firm unique? I like to think of our practice as not merely an alterna- tive form of health care, but as a complementary and integrative approach to better health. What are the major challenges facing your business at present? Being able to balance time and a budget that accom- modates the demands of our patient base. Looking ahead, what is the main objective for your business? To care for all those that are seeking traditional natur- opathic healthcare, and to educate the population that there are alternative and natural ways to treat and pre- vent disease and illness in the world we live in today. Name: Dr. Marty Edwards, ND, CAOM Company: Edwards Holistic Health and Wellness Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 529 S. Juniper St., Philadelphia, Pa 19147 USA Telephone: +1 215 966 8774 If you are looking for solutions to your health care issues, you have found the right place with the company Edwards Holis- tic Health and Wellness. Providing naturopathic healthcare, by specialising in finding the reason for illness, reversing the health challenges, removing toxins, managing pain and discomfort, in- structing you in healthy nutrition along with better habits are the factors that sum up what this company is all about.