GHP October 2016

ghp October 2016 | 19 Health & Social Care Collaborative, ‘Whole Person’ Health Care How would you define your client base? Our client base covers a wide range of healthcare, insurance, and service organisations supporting value-based healthcare programs. What makes your firm unique? We believe that combining care coordination with powerful analytics in a single platform creates syner- gies and insights that enable real population health management success. Our technology integrates and analyses data from across the care continuum to provide a more complete picture with better under- standing of the needs and overall health of patients and populations. This innovative approach consolidates diverse, fragmented data in a single comprehensive care plan, with meaningful insights that enable care teams to proactively address gaps in patient care, allocate scarce resources, and strategically identify at-risk patients, ultimately improving patient health. What are the major challenges facing your business at present? The healthcare industry is transitioning to a val- ue-based model in which organisations are com- pensated not for services performed but for keeping patients and populations well. This approach empha- sises outcomes and value rather than procedures and fees, incentivising providers to improve efficiency by better managing their populations. We embraced this transition very early, and built a comprehensive population health platform ideal for value-based healthcare models. Now, we are a leading provider for care coordination tools supporting value-based programs. Looking ahead, what is the main objective for your business? GSI Health was founded with a vision of a future in which the problems of today’s healthcare are solved. We believe that having the right teams assembled to address each patient’s unique needs—and getting the right information to them at the right time—can have a tremendous benefit for healthcare. When care pro- viders just treat a disease instead of treating the whole person—including the medical, social, and behaviour- al issues that can impact their lives—patients are not receiving the care they need to achieve optimal health. Our technology integrates information from across the care continuum and brings the insights out of the back room and closer to the people who are delivering care, empowering caregivers to make decisions about how to best spend their scarce time and resources. We are working toward a future where data-driven technology optimises overall care delivery, improv- ing the health of entire populations, and solving the problem of uncoordinated, under-informed healthcare being practiced in today’s system. What business or business person do you most admire and why? We admire how Steve Jobs was able to develop Apple into arguably the most admired company in the world through emphasis on design and user experience. He delivered on his customers’ dreams, not just their needs. Name: LeRoy E. Jones, CEO Company: GSI Health Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 1735 Market Street, 53rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103 USA Telephone: +1 888 206 4237 GSI Health unites patients, doctors, and payers of all kinds, support- ing collaborative, ‘whole person’ health care for effective population health management within complex populations. Their innovative solutions deliver the bigger picture of patient care, moving beyond just medical data to integrate social and behavioural information from across the community so that caregivers can manage, analyse, and engage with patients in real time as they move through the care deliv- ery system. Caregivers gain keener insights that improve the quality of care and the overall health of the population, enabling organisations to achieve better outcomes while improving ROI according to the firm’s CEO LeRoy E. Jones who reveals more, in an intriguing interview.