GHP October 2016

ghp October 2016 | 23 titative accuracy of neurodiagnostic evaluations for numerous neurodegenerative disorders,” noted Iyer. “Neuroimaging modalities will continue to be one of the major neurodiagnostic tools across research and clinical communities.” Frost & Sullivan’s global TechVision practice is focused on innovation, disruption and convergence and pro- vides a variety of technology based alerts, newsletters and research services as well as growth consulting services. Its premier offering, the TechVision program, identifies and evaluates the most valuable emerging and disruptive technologies enabling products with near-term potential. A unique feature of the TechVi- sion program is an annual selection of 50 technologies that can generate convergence scenarios, possibly disrupt the innovation landscape, and drive transfor- mational growth. View a summary of the TechVision program by clicking on the following link: http://ifrost.