GHP October 2016

ghp October 2016 | 31 Education & Skills Overseas Doctors Welcome in Scotland Ms Robison said, “these are irresponsible comments that will hamper NHS efforts to recruit doctors to vacancies and training places now – and that in turn could have a real impact on patient care. “As such, the UK Government’s position is short-sight- ed in the extreme. Medical professionals from outside this country have played a vital and valued part in our NHS for decades, and continue to do so, and their contribution should not be dismissed in this way. “In Scotland we want the best and the brightest from around the world to stay, build their careers here and contribute to the economy and our society. Of course it is also very important to invest in our workforce at home too. That is why we have already announced an additional 50 medical student places in Scottish Uni- versities from August 2016, and a new Graduate Entry Medical programme with up to 40 places available. “Our young doctors want good quality, attractive training places which offer rewarding experiences and flexible working. But it has also long been a common practice that young doctors go abroad to experience the different opportunities and challenges of health services across the world – we shouldn’t deprive them of these experiences, because the UK Government’s actions also risk shutting down such opportunities for our own young medics.” Scotland’s Health Secretary, Shona Robison, said on 4th Oc- tober that doctors from abroad will be welcome to train and work in the NHS north of the border. Ms Robison condemned comments from the UK Govern- ment this morning that overseas doctors will only be able to stay in the NHS until they are re- placed by UK doctors. ghp November 2016 | 31