GHP September 2016

18 | ghp September 2016 Health & Social Care Health is Wealth RBK manufactures and distributes a number of differ- ent brands, including Mother Nest, Blue Gum, True Blue & V-Plus. These products are distributed to the world’s leading retailers with its main export markets being in Asia. The product range consists of hundreds of premium natural health supplements such as omega three, propolis, multi-vitamins, colostrum, spirulina, gummy vitamins and many more. RBK also provides OEM and private label contract manufactur- ing services. We specialise within the preventative health care in- dustry by providing vitamins and supplements of high concentrations that meet RDIs to assist people to live healthy lives and be less prone to sickness and health related problems. One of RBK’s speciality products is in high grade or- ganic propolis, which is produced by honey bees and contains natural anti-bacterial qualities that has great healing benefits and preventative qualities for colds and flus. This product is produced in tablet, capsule and liquid forms and has thousands of loyal RBK customers all over the world enjoying its benefits. From our experience, the natural health supplement industry has never been more competitive and RBK is always developing new products and improving existing products to keep ahead of competitors and to provide customers with the best possible products available. In addition to product and formulation development, RBK also invests heavily on product training for all customers and partners worldwide. The objective of the ongoing educational program delivered by RBK is for sales staff to understand the products and to be able to provide genuine recommendations of suitable products for customers, not just to increase sales. Another aspect we invest heavily in is our staff. The dedicated team at RBK is the most important factor for the ongoing success of RBK and its brands. RBK invests in ongoing personal and professional devel- opment for all staff, and takes its requirement for TGA/ GMP training very seriously and provides access to a much wider range of training for all staff in additional to the industry essentials. As such, personal and professional developing opportunities are provided to all staff and departments ranging from warehouse and logistics, operations to leadership management. In order to maintain an ongoing high level of quality and service, all staff need not only to follow but to be part of the quality system to ensure continued improvement and development of not only the busi- ness but each employee’s personal and professional development. These initiatives are a fundamental factor behind our continued success. At the moment, RBK is enjoying great success within existing markets especially within the highly competitive South Korean market with our best sellers continuing to outperform competitors and new products gaining in popularity. This is also due to the long-term and close partnerships that RBK has developed with key retailers and distributors. Alongside this, RBK has also secured new and exciting markets within the past 12 months including e-commerce in China, with several flagship stores on the most popular platforms, a new partnership company in Saudi Arabia, an exclusive distributor in Myanmar and new distribution channels in Vietnam. We have seen many successes over the past number of years and is something we wish to continue into the future. In 2015/16, RBK was featured as a case study for the Australian Government Free Trade Agreement campaign with China, Korea and Japan. RBK was identified as a suitable representative of the Austral- ian health supplement industry to detail how FTAs can benefit Australian manufacturers within export markets. This included live seminars, and a national press, radio and television campaign. Although the future looks very bright indeed, there are still many obstacles we will need to overcome in order to maintain the high standards we set for ourselves. The greatest challenge that the natural health supple- ment industry faces are low grade health supplements flooding markets. By using lower graded and lower specification raw materials with reduced active ingre- dient content, cheaper low quality products are now more popular than ever. Unfortunately, most customers have no way to know really what the product they are taking is. The Aus- tralian Government and the TGA have some of the strictest standards in the world for the manufacture and sale of health supplements to ensure product safety however work also needs to be done on overall quality of product. RBK Nutraceuticals is an Australian TGA / GMP licensed health supplement manufacturer that has been exporting premium quality natural health supplements to over 12 countries for the past 20 years. We have thrived in the increasingly competitive health supplement market, as this article illustrates. 1609JC02