GHP September 2016

22 | ghp September 2016 Health & Social Care Aiming for Africa Since 2015, I have been appointed as the CEO with a vision to become the leading firm in Middle East and Africa in 2025. Our winning formula is: ethics + transparency + (Do it – inaction) X planning / analysis = AIMS’ success. Since our inception, there are a number of notable achievements that help demonstrate the good work that we do. AIMS started with pharmaceuticals and we were the first company to introduce chlorpheniramine maleate ever in the Sudanese market since 1982. Furthermore, we were the first firm to introduce probi- otics in capsules and sachets in Sudan. Moreover, AIMS were the first firm to introduce the combined calcium and vitamin D, and concluding its safe usages in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) providing its proper dosage for renal patients. By the beginning of 2017 we will introduce a state-of- art oral iron range that is truly innovative. Our goal is to make a strong foundation for our relationships which would be of mutual benefits and prosperity for both ourselves and our customers. This is a relationship based on ethics, skilfulness, everyday excitement and development and not a jungle based relationship. AIMS believe that the best policy is to make accessible and fruitful business with all Africa and Middle East countries. Sudan is at the heart of this important geographical area, and it represents the bridge between Arab and African countries, and thus establishing a scientifically oriented and based market in Sudan is extremely convenient for expanding in the MEA region. Essentially, AIMS is the prominent figure of supplying healthcare in our region. AIMS supply A to Z in health sector, and our fingerprint can be found in every hospital, clinic, lab, pharmacy and farm. In terms of our clientele, we supply regularly three leading NGOs, about 4000 pharmacies, 100 hospitals, more than 500 dentists, 2500 physicians in different specialities, and veterinary physicians. Furthermore, AIMS support new researches through our partnerships with Sudanese Ministry of Health, and Sudanese Medical Universities. AIMS have successfully conducted many clinical trials in Sudan with our partners, and we successfully granted ethical clearance before each clinical trial. As such, new trends in healthcare is something AIMS strongly sup- port with, and this clearly contributed in the develop- ment of the national healthcare sector in Sudan. AIMS take tremendous pride in the work we do, and our hard work has made us an attractive target for many international firms. AIMS believe what has also made us a target is that we are a family company, hav- ing more than five members in pharmaceutical and medical fields. Secondly, we are located inside the heart of Khartoum, which is the capital of Sudan. As mentioned in our formula earlier, ethics plays a huge part of our business and has made us a trusted partner for investment. Alongside this, AIMS have a systemic and unique business discipline, having our own R&D and innovation centre. Additionally, we are a growing company, now expanding to having our own offices in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. In these competitive times, there are a number of ar- eas which separates us from our competitors. Innova- tion is our DNA and is our key to shaping the present and future of our company. Luckily enough there are very few competitors in Africa to count when it comes into innovation, and we are always maintaining our position. From a simple new indication of a generic medicine to a gene therapy we never stand still! AIMS are always looking to improve. Our continued drive to success can be seen across the board at our company. Our staff always inspire the management with new and crazy ideas, and our working environment is a typical big family house. In every brainstorming session held, the company we end up with a brilliant new idea. Atlantic International Medical Supplies Co. Ltd. (AIMS) is a high- ly innovative and renowned medical supplies company based in Sudan but expanding across Africa. We supply the Sudanese and broader African market with pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, bio-instruments, nutraceuticals, and medical dispos- ables. Many people might find it very strange that a local com- pany is seeking leadership in the Middle East and Africa region. The firm’s initial budget was $100,000 in 1982, but reached more than $7 million in 2016. It is therefore logical that our company will surely have to seek out leadership in the region. 1609JC07