GHP September 2016

ghp September 2016 | 23 Most Innovative Pharma Company - Sudan At the moment, AIMS are paying most attention to genomics. I have done extensive research on gene therapy and believes it to be the ‘future of pharmacy’. In fact, this is our primary concern for the near future so we are preparing and researching heavily on this area. Although the work AIMS do is a reward in itself, to receive recognition from GHP magazine is simply the icing on the cake! We are very thankful to the magazine for awarding us the Healthcare & Pharma’s Leading Experts in Sudan, and we will continue work- ing on turbo mode and our eyes into Middle East and Africa leadership. Company: Atlantic International Medical Supplies Co. Ltd. (AIMS) Name: Dr. Mohammed Elfatih Saeed Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Gamhouria Avenue, Elnazir Building, Khartoum (Headquarter) Khartoum North, Square 19, AIMS’ Building (Scientific Office, Sales and Marketing) Telephone: +249 183 787846