GHP September 2016

24 | ghp September 2016 Health & Social Care A Case in Point How would you define your client base? The Casenet enterprise population health and care management solution, TruCare ® , supports both small clients and large enterprise custom- ers that require tremendous scalability, have many lines of business, and require compre- hensive configuration for each targeted member population. The platform flexibly manages man- aged care, government-sponsored, Medicaid, Medicare and commercial organizations as well as carve-outs, TPAs, ACOs and providers. What makes your firm unique? Casenet delivers unmatched flexibility to coor- dinate and manage population health, wellness and quality programs. The ability for non-med- ical services, such as custodial care and trans- portation, to be combined with behavioral and medical services enables our clients to create a single, complete and actionable view of each patient. What are the major challenges facing your busi- ness at present? Our biggest challenge is managing our suc- cess. With success comes rapid growth and growth needs to be managed carefully to ensure solution quality, client satisfaction and company values are maintained. Looking ahead, what is the main objective for your business? People are at the heart of all healthcare delivery; both those receiving care and those providing care. Casenet was founded to improve the experiences of all people giving and receiving care, and to deliver on the promise that better coordination of care will lead to better health outcomes. What makes you unique? My ability to synthesize large volumes of data, find the common threads and take action on the information makes me unique. Name: Peter Masanotti Company: Casenet Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 36 Crosby Drive, Bedford, MA 01730 Telephone: +1 888 701 0886 Casenet ® provides a comprehensive suite of extensible, enterprise population health and care management solutions that improve care coordination and the quality and delivery of care. In an interview with the firm’s CEO, Peter Masanotti, he lifts the lid on what his company does and why he thinks people are “at the heart of all healthcare delivery”.