GHP September 2016

38 | ghp September 2016 Innovation & Technology Genuinely Passionate About Science How would you define your client base? kdm communications surround ourselves with clients who excel at all things technical, medical, mechanical, scientific, industrial and digital. We are just as happy to work with small start-ups or huge multinationals and, because we are a team of scientists, we don’t get lost in technical language. We understand our clients’ products and their markets, and know exactly what their current and prospective customers want to hear. What makes your firm unique? The firm are genuinely passionate about science and feel privileged to have worked across this sector for over 30 years. We keep things simple and do not overcomplicate what needs to be done. We have remained a relatively small core team – backed by a larger group of well-established specialists to call upon for specific project expertise. This allows us to really concentrate on delivering sound marketing strategies and implementing highly targeted campaigns which position our clients as thought leaders, as well as promoting their products and services. I think the key to our continued success is that we all really love what we do. What are the major challenges facing your business at present? kdm communications have built a superb team over the last 10 years, with an incredibly low staff turnover. This means we are now in a strong position to grow the agency and expand the team, without losing the formula that has made us successful – a shared sense of pride in what we do and how we do it. Looking ahead, what is the main objective for your business? The world as a whole has changed extensively over the last 10 years and we are now living in a digital age, where the internet and social media permeate every aspect of modern life. This has effectively revolu- tionised marketing for our clients and their markets, and now a significant amount of our work is to create content for digital channels. The key to success in this virtual world is quality – the better and more widely shared content you generate, the more inbound leads it creates – and so helping our clients to keep up with the continuous demand for new material is now essential. What business or business person do you most admire and why? There are so many examples out there of entrepre- neurs who have gained success through having a clear vision and the determination to see it to fruition. For example, I was recently impressed by Arthur Kay, founder and CEO of bio-bean®. His fast-growing com- pany is the first in the world to industrialise the pro- cess of recycling waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels and biochemicals. It is people like this – who see an everyday problem as an opportunity to develop a unique solution – who really inspire me. Company: kdm communications Name: Annabel Sedgwick Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Cressner House, Suite 3, 12 Huntingdon Street, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 1BG Telephone: 01480 405333 kdm communications is a full service, business-to-business marketing agency with international reach, specialising in the life science, medical and technical sectors. They provide a full spec- trum of marketing services, helping their clients to choose the right tools for what they are aiming to achieve. The kdm team includes an eclectic mix of marketing experts and PhD scientists, who together offer a unique combination of strategic planning, marketing expertise and technical knowl- edge. The firm’s Annabel Sedgwick reveals more about the firm who are “genuinely passionate about science and feel privileged to have worked across this sector for over 30 years”.