GHP September 2016

ghp September 2016 | 43 Innovation & Technology Best Plastic Welding & Hot Air Equipment Manufacturer For over 60 years, Leister has been a world leader in plastics processing with hot-air, hot-wedge and extrusion welder technology. To assure customers can always rely on the renowned Leister quality, the company develops and produces all products and accessory parts in Switzerland in compliance with the strict ISO 9001 standard. The classic product portfolio of the Leister Group is subject to continuous development and has been extended by high-tech machines and components involving laser and micro-technology. Leister Laser Plastic Welding produces powerful and cutting edge laser welding systems for plastics. Axetris AG develops and produces laser gas detectors, micro-optics, mass flow rate sensors and infrared sources for industry. The award winning Leister Technologies LLC offers decades of experience in the processing of plastics and industrial processes. The firm offers over 40 specialists from the fields of process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and product design all of whom are developing the tech- nology of the future. They constantly drive continu- ous innovation, and their achievements have been honored by expert juries many times over. The results are products that stand out because their design is suitable for construction sites and industry. Within the medical industry, there are many different areas of medical engineering that involve the use of plastics. Laser plastic welding has been an established part of certain applications for years. The medical devices market is a prime example of an area where products containing laser-welded components have been introduced. Microfluidics and chips for analytics are particularly worthy of mention in this regard. In many applications, these kinds of components also take the form of disposables, which can be found in various areas of medical engineering. Other products or devices have assemblies welded onto them. These usually have to be joined in such a way that they are sealed off tightly from the environment. Frequent application areas for medical engineering products include doctor’s offices and hospitals. Con- sequently, the area of hospital care involves a large number of products that are partially made of plastic and are also laser welded. Ultimately, the entire Leister group is committed to the highest possible standards, placing a priority on seamless, transparent quality management since the very beginning. Going forward this will continue to be the firm’s focus as it aims to achieve greater success in the years to come. Company: Leister Technologies, LLC Email: [email protected] Website: Leister Technologies LLC is the US based subsidiary of Leister Technologies AG and specialises in plastic welding and addition- al plastic processing techniques. We profile this innovative com- pany and explore the solutions it offers. LI160009