GHP September 2016

ghp September 2016 | 47 • Provide scientific substantiation for a food claim; • Respond to biomedical engineering issues and; • Many other tasks, as needed. Frestedt Incorporated and Alimentix teams look ahead and continue to see significant quality improvement initiatives which require companies to look both internally and externally to find the right resources to meet their needs. The firm’s objective is to serve more clients while providing the best quality in the market. What business or business person do you most admire and why? The team at Frestedt Incorporated admires each and every one of the firm’s clients. Whether starting a busi- ness for the first time and taking a great idea from the drawing board to the market or striving to get a team full of both local and global workers with individual needs to align on a goal within a large corporation, the team members at Frestedt Incorporated learn quickly and take the most admirable traits to heart as well as to the workplace every single day. Name: Joy Frestedt, PhD, CPI, RAC, FRAPS Company: Frestedt Incorporated Email: [email protected] Web Address: and Address: 9445 Minnetonka Boulevard, Saint Louis Park, MN 55426 Telephone: 001 952 426 1747