GHP September 2015

inside this issue this month’s features editor’s note “ Many come to St Thomas’ to watch us because the hospital is well known for being forward thinking and innovative, as well as very welcoming to overseas experts. ” Vinayak Bapat , Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon Guy’s and St Thomas’. Are You Leading the NHS to Success? Identifying the challenge in the NHS. Page 62 Multiplex PCR Panels at the Point-of-Care MiniLab empowers clinicians with molecular diagnostic results on demand. Page 50 48 Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity: A Hub for Innovation 50 Multiplex PCR Panels at the Point-of-Care 54 GSTT Funds Pioneering Heart Operation 58 Growing Management Numbers in the NHS. Is This Fact or Fiction? 62 The Five Year Forward: NHS Employers Prospective 64 Are You Leading the NHS to Success? 68 Substance Abuse: The Frontline 70 Public Inaccuracy and Habitual Self-Interest Represents a Substantial Cost for the NHS 72 The Importance of Designing Dementia Friendly Care Environments 74 Value of Assistive Living Technologies in Providing Care Outside of the Traditional System 76 Increase in Diabetes Cases in UK 78 New Ways for Prevention 80 Primary Care in the Post Five Year Forward View World Global Health & Pharma, 39A Birmingham Road, Blakedown, Worcestershire, DY10 3JW Tel: +44 (0) 1234 567 890 | Email: [email protected] | Web: Welcome to the ghp’s special Health and Social Care Supplement! Over the coming pages, we spotlight Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Trust, exploring exciting new technology in the form of their molecular diagnostic syndromic pan- els, as well as analysing how the trust’s charity helps to fund new innovations. We speak to Vinayak Bapat about the extraordinary technology and techniques changing the way heart surgery is per- formed in the UK. Leadership within the NHS is also an im- portant topic this issue, with management numbers in the organisation examined, and an interview with Ruth Warden, in which she explains more about the work of her organisation, NHS Employers. Caroline Day of Wellbeing Dynamics explores how staff wellbeing and man- agement within the NHS are intrinsical- ly linked, and we take a closer look at dementia-friendly environments and the importance of assistive technology to suf- ferers and their carers. We also explore the issues surrounding primary care and how this can be provid- ed with regard to the stipulations of the Five Year Forward View. We hope you enjoy this special supplement. Health and Social Care Special