Biotech Awards 2017

10 | ghp Biotechnology Awards 2017 Best Dental Treatment 2017: Periogen® The key focus of Periogen is to prevent periodontal disease and develop products that work for total oral health, thus safeguarding periodontal health and adding longevity to dental appliances like implants, orthodontic and prosthetic bridges. John explains that Periogen’s product has been studied extensively through seven independent university studies across the globe, and the results from each centre recognise Periogen mouthrinse as a valuable tool for promoting oral health. “We are the leader in anti-calculus dental products worldwide, with significant research and scientific data validating the quality and efficacy of our product, and we offer our research data openly for access to professionals and consumers. We are the only dental company that has further simplified our technical research by creating animated videos to offer better understanding for our consumers worldwide. We are entirely focused on preventive dentistry and strongly believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’. All our products are aimed at preventing periodontal disease and to add longevity to dental appliances like implants and bridges. “Our investment into numerous worldwide multi-centric studies encourages a partnership with the dental industry and the dental professional specifically. Our studies indicate that calculus dissolution compounds work best when partnered with dentistry, and we recognise that our challenges moving forward are related to dealing with the paradigms associated with traditional oral care products that do not remove calculus, yet are classified as anti-calculus products.” Periogen is an organization with vigour; as a young and developing company, they entirely believe that hard work and team work, coupled with a focused approach, is the key to success. John notes that the culture at Periogen is seen as a competitive advantage, and a foundation for continued success. “In addition to our other product lines, we are currently developing an anti-calculus spray. The pocket sized spray will prevent mineralization of dental plaque and will boost oral health. Looking to the future, we will be seeking strategic alliances to enable worldwide distribution. We are also launching two more product lines this year.” The Periogen company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in San Diego, California, USA. The company develops and manufactures preventive dental products focusing on oral hygiene for patients; John Andersen explains that the company aims to work collaboratively with dental professionals and consumers worldwide to offer these solutions. BI170005 Company: The Periogen Company Name: John Andersen Email: [email protected], [email protected] Web Address: Address: The Periogen Company, PO Box 600890, San Diego, CA, 92160, USA. Telephone: 1.619.275.5200