Biotech Awards 2017

14 | ghp Biotechnology Awards 2017 Best Global Pharmaceutical Company & Innovation Award for Excellence in Personalised Medicine 2017 BI170009 Through its vast industry network, Teva have the capability to develop products in all the relevant classes (solid, semi-solid. liquid, sterile) using established and innovative formulation technologies. In 2016 TEVA established the “Global Technology Center (GTC)” to evaluate new technology trends like 3D drug printing. Gerald discusses how this innovative centre allows his company to create drugs which are changing the face of the pharmaceuticals market. “Today, patients still struggle with severe side effects due to the unavailability of suitable dosage forms for their conditions. Only injectable drugs offer reliable options for individualizations, whereas oral drugs face several problems, like the accurate dosing of liquids and the precise breaking of tablets. “As such in the GTC our focus is on personalizing oral drugs via 2D and 3D printing to support the global strategy of individualized therapy. Oral drugs currently represent the majority of drugs and we think that we hold a technology to offer personalization for this class of drugs. We have recently produced prototypes of a personalized drug to decrease side effects and improve the life of our patients, and these factors are central to our ongoing focus.” Looking to the future, increasing demand for individualized drugs from patients will put pressure on health care systems and the pharmaceutical industry. Why should patients accept side effects anymore, when innovative pharmaceutical companies such as Teva can provide an individualized dose taking into account their current health status, and other personal and environmental factors? Gerald, who is proud of Teva’s current success, concludes by outlining how it will continue to adapt and evolve in order to product the very best solutions which will help change patients’ lives for the better. “Ultimately, ‘innovation where it matters’ is one of our core values and in R&D innovation really matters because we can change the life of our patients. It takes a great deal of courage to invest in early technologies and implementing technologies where we see benefit for our patients, but we always have their safety and comfort in mind, and moving forward we will remain committed to providing them with the very best, most creative drugs.” Teva is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company in the world developing generic, OTC and specialty products. Dr. Gerald Huber provides us with an absorbing overview of this dynamic company and the range of solutions it creates. Company: ratiopharm GmbH Name: Dr. Gerald Huber Address: Graf-Arco-Str. 3 89079 Ulm, Germany