Biotech Awards 2017

ghp Biotechnology Awards 2017 | 15 Best Organic Pharmaceutical Company - Europe BI170016 GREENTECH is dedicated to the development and production of active ingredients created from biotechnology, harvested from plants, micro-algae and ferments. These ingredients have many uses including cosmetic, agronomy, environment, pharmacy and are supplied to a range of clients, from SMEs to international companies. Operating globally, the firm has to work hard to remain at the forefront of the latest industry innovation as Jean-Yves discusses. “At GREENTECH, we are focusing on production of biological ligands specific to metabolic pathways. Innovation is central to our approach. Around a third of our staff are working in laboratory, focusing on R&D and quality control. A further 35% of them have a PhD, with several specialities: biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry, cell biology, phytochemistry, algology and pharmacy, and these qualifications ensure that they create the most creative products for our clients. “Recently we have been developing a new photo-protector agent for cosmetic application from purification of active molecule extracted from Chinese plants, as well as working on the development of a new biocontrol product against wood disease on the grapevine by the selection of specific strain of bacteria. Both of these projects showcase our dedication to excellence and the skills of our dedicated workforce.” The Human value is very important in GREENTECH. It means every function has the most important value and the mission is done in a casual and comfortable atmosphere. All doors are open constantly, allowing to everybody to meet everybody and to solve the problem. No question is viewed as unimportant and everyone works together in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, which has been key to establishing the growth of GREENTECH’s sales by an average of 20% per year since 1997. This success means that GREENTECH has to move premises in order to meet demand, as Jean-Yves concludes. “Over the next two years our aim is to build a new factory. The project will incorporate every member of the GREENTECH team to ensure that it is perfect. We are excited about working on this new development and are looking forward to taking advantage of the many opportunities it will bring for our firm.” A pioneer in plant biotechnology, GREENTECH develops and produces for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields high-tech active ingredients from plant, marine and microbial markets. We spoke to Jean-Yves Berthon to learn more. Company: GREENTECH SA Contact: Jean-Yves Berthon Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Biopôle Clermont Limagne, Saint Beauzire, 63360, France Phone: 0033 4 73 33 99 00 Web Address: