Biotech Awards 2017

18 | ghp Biotechnology Awards 2017 Best Development Stage Biotech Company – Canada & Award for Excellence Molecular Marker Modulation BI170018 Arbor Life Labs strives to support consumers’ growing demand for the extraordinary healing power of nature using drug-free, all natural and clean-label products by bridging the gaps between traditional healing arts and rigorous science in human biology. Peter discusses the firm’s focus on its hair loss treatment and how it works to ensure that the very highest standards are met to satisfy the needs of its clients. “Here at Arbor Life Labs our primary research currently focuses on biomarkers influencing the integumentary system with emphasis on hair growth. Our lead product targets the $4B US and the $16B Asian Hair Loss market with an efficacy superiority over the market leading drugs and natural products. Arbor has been able to secure 47 health claims, approved by Health Canada including Alopecia. Arbor’s lead product is certified as clean label, drug-free, vegan, kosher and halal to meet changing market demands. Arbor’s hair loss products will be available in Q3, 2017 under the brand Replenology .” “Arbor’s initial focus is the US Hair Loss market with 35M men and 21M women experiencing hair loss. The leading FDA approved drug has less than 30% efficacy. There is a lack of high-efficacy non-surgical solutions. The market is experiencing a rapid change in consumer behaviour and demographics demanding clean- label, drug-free solutions with strong scientific validation. As a firm we are poised to meet these changing demands.” There are more than 30 published biomarkers associated with hair growth and loss. Most solutions inhibit only dihydrotestosterone(DHT) with limited results. A systematic review of studies of the leading hair loss drug accounting for more than 5,000 studied subjects, reported an efficacy of less than 30%. Dermatologists acknowledge current hair loss solutions do not effectively meet the medical need. Arbor is addressing this unmet need by targeting many of the known molecular markers implicated in hair loss to yield an efficacy superiority over the market leading drugs. Its patents pending create a significant competitive barrier and provide a platform for broad expansion into other therapeutic areas such as anti-ageing indications, as Peter explains. “Our intellectual property modulates molecular markers with natural ingredients with high degree of specificity, efficacy and safety. Many of our competitors in natural products cannot explain how their product works or demonstrate efficacy. Our pharmaceutical competitors have products that are focused on one specific biologic action. The science has been widely published that hair loss is caused by multiple biological actions, and Arbor has developed the most comprehensive hair loss solution to-date.” Based in Toronto, Canada, Arbor has access to world class scientists in health, regenerative medicine, molecular marker laboratories and botanical science. The Canadian and provincial engagement with research and development in human health sciences facilitates an excellent integration of industry and academia. Peter outlines the region’s natural remedies market currently and how Arbor is working to adapt to the various developments it encounters. “Natural therapeutics have been used as traditional medicines to treat disease for thousands of years. Many drugs are derived from plant based therapeutic properties – most famously acetylsalicylic acid or ASA commonly known as aspirin which was originally extracted from willow bark and has been manufactured in pure form since 1899. In fact, natural products Arbor Life Labs is a market disrupting biotech company that uses natural ingredients to correct common chronic, ageing and degenerative health disorders by regulating molecular markers, such as gene expressions, hormones and other signalling pathways to normalize cellular and tissue functions. We invited Peter Feldman, Arbor Life’s CEO, to tell us more about the firm, which was awarded ‘Best Development Stage Biotech Company - Canada & Award for Excellence Molecular Marker Modulation’ in our 2017 Biotechnology Awards.