Biotech Awards 2017

4 | ghp Biotechnology Awards 2017 Best Biochemical Product Provider - Germany & Best Biochemical Products Provider - Europe Since its establishment in 1947, Pharma Waldhof pioneered the fascinating field of DNA, RNA, nucleotides and nucleosides and related substances. Lukas discusses the firm’s vast history and how it works to utilise its industry experience to offer clients the very best products and solutions. “Pharma Waldhof celebrates the 70th anniversary in 2017, and throughout our long history our professional team worked on state of the art knowledge to support our customers in the various regulations applicable for our products, including full cGMP and the different ISO regimes, Kosher and Halal. “As such our innovative products are widely used in different customer segments including the pharmaceutical industry using our APIs, and biotech companies using our cell culture ingredients and cofactors both for R&D and diagnostic applications. Other customers are utilizing our products as cosmetic active ingredients or they formulate our substances into infant formula and nutritional products.” Operating in such a competitive market, Pharma Waldhof has to diversify in order to stay ahead of its industry peers. Lukas believes that what sets his firm apart is its commitment to quality. “As in every market in the world, there is quite some competition around. In order to set ourselves apart, we strongly believe that quality, reliability and excellent service are strong differentiating factors. Some of our customers have been working with us for many years, and during this time they have never complained about the quality of our products, highlighting the excellence we work hard to achieve at every stage of development. “In order to achieve this level of quality, we firmly believe knowledge is important. This is why we continuously train our people. We have been pleased to be the first German biotech company awarded with the seal of excellence by Deutscher Bildungspreis, an appreciation supported by the German government for companies that are best in training and development of their employees. We are always looking for employees that share our will to learn, our customer focus, who are creative and enjoy working on highest intellectual standards.” With the speed that biology and the biotechnology market develops, Lukas is keen to emphasise in his concluding comments that the firm will continue to focus on building upon its current skillset in order to enhance its capabilities and remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry. “Ultimately, biology is the science that develops rapidly. As such, we believe a company that is able to bridge disciplines like chemistry and engineering with biological understanding will be well positioned to deal with future opportunities. Currently, we are working on two new APIs and developing a new series of products for cell culture application. We do appreciate that more and more companies understand the value we offer for the development of APIs, using us as CRO and CMO. We are also currently evaluating a completely new product portfolio what would be a logical add on to our actual products, although this is in the early stages and will only go ahead following rigorous research and analysis. “Overall, we do not know many companies that are able to combine the skills on this level we offer, and as such our ongoing focus will remain on enhancing our skillset and building upon our current success.” Pharma Waldhof GmbH is a Germany based pharmaceutical company specialising in nucleic acid biochemistry and drawing on a wealth of experience in the industry. We invited Managing Director Lukas von Hippel to talk us through the firm’s history and how its quality focused approach has helped it to achieve the success it enjoys today. BI170001