Biotech Awards 2017

6 | ghp Biotechnology Awards 2017 Best Natural Anti-Aging Supplement 2017: Pearlcium Pearl Powder Since she was a child, Dr. Rulin Xiu has been drawn to pearl. She knew even at that time that there is something magical inside the pearl that can take people’s lives to a higher level. When she grew older, she found that the ancient Chinese imperial family used pearl both by consuming pearl powder internally as well as by applying it to their skin externally to enhance their beauty and longevity, and promoted emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Later, she found that royalties of all the major ancient civilizations used pearl to enhance youth, vitality, intelligence, and longevity. Dr. Xiu started to do scientific research on pearl after she became a scientist. She was not surprised to find that scientific research studies have been confirming the ancient wisdom about pearl’s anti-aging abilities and have been revealing even more healing properties of pearl. To create a high quality pearl supplement Dr. Rulin Xiu invented a proprietary technology that uses vibration and aerodynamics to process pearls. This technology maintains the integrity of the pearl’s molecular and crystalline structure, while making the nutrients in the pearl more available to our body. The process that she created is very different from the process others use – and there are significant differences in the quality and effect of the pearl powder produced. It is through this exciting new process that Pearlcium is born. Pearlcium is a sensation right from the start. The hundreds of heart touching testimonials are reported within a few months after its first production in 2008. Since 2008, Pealrcium has been helping people obtain: • More youthful skin, • Stronger bone, • Healthier heart, • Better sleep, • Whiter and stronger teeth, • Healthier gum, • Faster repair and regeneration of muscle, • Better mood • Calmer nervous system • Better brain function • More focus and relaxed • Enhanced immunity • More energy • Higher intelligence and IQ for children • Less inflammation Pearlcium has helped tens of thousands of people to look, feel and become younger, prolong their lives, improve their quality of life, and become healthier, happier, and more intelligent. Pearl powder has beneficial effect on health and longevity through stimulating cellular regeneration, enhancing cellular communication, and providing balanced essential nutrients for calcium metabolism as well as cellular regeneration and communication. Pearlcium is the leading branded patent-pending pearl powder product made from pure pearl in the world. Since 1996, Pharm East, Inc. has been developing and manufacturing unique, effective, patented, proprietary natural supplement formulations with good side effects. At Pharm East manufacturing facility, highly qualified professionals continually monitor quality control at every level of processing, from herb selection, harvesting to processing. Each batch of product is assured superior quality and optimal efficacy. In addition, Pharm East invests heavily in clinical research to substantiate its products’ health advantages. Pharm East has developed natural solutions for various health issues, including anti-aging products for skin, eye sight, bone, heart, teeth, gum, cholesterol, blood pressure, constipation, insomnia, digestion health, longevity, diabetes, immune system enhancing, energy boost, and natural sex aid. Pharm East, Inc. is a leading developer and producer of unique nutritional technologies for the dietary supplement industry worldwide. We profile the firm and explore the secrets behind its success. BI170011