GHP April 2017

10 GHP / April 2017 , 1612GH03 Medical Discovery and Innovation Preclinical Contract Research Services by Altogen Labs Altogen Labs ( ), an Austin, TX based contract research organization (CRO) founded in 2009, offers preclinical laboratory services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic researchers worldwide to support and accelerate medical discovery and research studies. Our Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)-compliant laboratory offers services for drug toxicology, drug efficacy, drug discovery and newmedicine development, specifically supporting preclinical investigationwith in vitro and in vivo services including anti-cancer compound screening, IC 50 assays, stable-cell line engineering, over 80 validated xenograft models, gene function and expression analysis, in-vivo RNAi and tissue-targeted siRNA delivery, transient and stable transfections of cell lines, engineering of RNAi knockdown cell- lines, microfluidics-based liposome encapsulation, and cell-based assay development. Altogen Labs also offers bioremediation biotechnology products and services. Bioremediation is the process of introducing naturally occurring biomatter, in the form of microbial organisms, fungi, plants, and their endogenous biomolecules, into a contaminated site as a treatment to restore the environment to a less toxic or non-toxic state 1 . Our team of scientists has developed scalable, patent-pending bioremediation products, comprised of bacterial strains optimized for hydrocarbon degradation, to be utilized for restoration of sites contaminated with a wide range of pollutants including crude oil, PAHs, pesticides, acetone, benzene, and other environmental toxins emanating from industrial or chemical wastes and spills. Altogen Labs offers instant quotes, comprehensive service packages, and highly competitive pricing. We assure our clients that our high-quality products and services will be upheld by our technical support and quality control teams. Altogen Labs supports our clients from experimental design through official regulatory or patent submissions with 100% of the intellectual property rights held by our clients. Meeting Our Clients Needs Successful research projects require an extremely focused strategy, meticulous planning, material and human resources, and constant vigilance over both the large and small details. Outsourcing of projects is an effective and efficient means of ensuring that limited time resources are invested proportionately into the highest priority facets of the project. It is our goal to partner with our clients to deliver the most efficient and reliable delivery of products and services to ensure that any research project is progressing at the fastest rate possible, and that all preclinical experiments and data have been rigorously studied and analyzed prior to transitioning into clinical research to ensure maximum probability of project success. Altogen Labs is committed to satisfying our clients’ timely needs while concurrently delivering results of the highest quality and integrity. Our scientists bring years of experience and elite levels of expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology, and drug discovery. Altogen Labs has a track record of success and client satisfaction as underscored and endorsed by the following client assessments of our services. “Altogen is a broad base CRO in regards to being able to do analytical work to animal studies. They are noted for people with good lab hands and come up with innovative solutions to otherwise hard problems. They are not a ‘cookie-cutter’ CRO but one that actually engages the company and determines what the problem is.” Curt Bilby, PhD, CEO - Terapio Corporation , an Austin, TX-based biopharmaceutical company engineering therapeutics based on the transport protein RLIP76 as effective therapies to combat radiation and chemical-induced oxidative stress. “It is helpful to have a partner that can help guide you through and help refine your studies, and Altogen Labs and their staff are very experienced in that area and they really are a good partner to work with. Not just from getting the work you want done, but also in helping to find that work and refine your studies to help maximize the chance of getting the results you are looking for.”