GHP April 2017

GHP / April 2017 11 Company: Altogen Labs, Preclinical CRO Name: Alex Fanelli, PhD Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 11200 Manchaca Rd, Suite 203, Austin TX 78748 USA Telephone: + 1 512 433 6177 Medical Discovery and Innovation: Preclinical Contract Research Services by Altogen Labs g Chris Marich, MBA, COO - Savara Pharmaceuticals , a Texas, U.S.-based pharmaceutical company in the clinical stages of development for both small molecule and biologic- based inhalation therapies to treat patients with rare pulmonary conditions. Preclinical Research Bringing new pharmaceutical drugs to market is a long, arduous, and costly process with conservative estimates placing the timeline from discovery to approval at 10 years and the financial impact at more than $1B spent 3 . The cost of new drug development has more than doubled over the past decade and is expected to only soar higher in the future 4 . The Drug Development process advances through 3 stages prior to submission to the FDA for review: Discovery and Development, Preclinical Research, and Clinical Research 5 . Before a drug can be