GHP April 2017

GHP / April 2017 19 Company: RiverRhee Consulting Phone: +44 (0) 7876 130 817 Email: [email protected] Website: Creating Exceptional Managers and Teams g Biotech companies across the UK before moving into a senior leadership position within a Cambridge based technology company. John now runs his own training and coaching company, delivering performance coaching to scientists that are new to or working towards a career in management. This dedicated team works diligently to support its clients and ensure their ongoing success. Client feedback is vital and has helped the firm to develop its service offering in line with the needs of those it serves. Among its current offering is the firm’s immensely popular Introduction to Management, where new and more experienced managers learn about and practise the key principles of management in a safe and interactive environment. Delegates gain new knowledge and benefit from the 3-day, offsite, modular course by reflecting about and learning from their own and others’ experiences. Another of RiverRhee’s popular services is its Building Highly Effective Teams workshop, which is in-house customised and typically runs over one day. The workshop explores the characteristics of high performance teams. A facilitated team diagnostic enables team members to articulate and agree tangible steps for improvement. Add-ons can include personality tools, team building activities, process improvement, innovation and more depending on the needs of the client. This flexible approach ensures that clients receive the solutions that meet their exact requirements and get the most out of their time with RiverRhee. Overall, despite the challenges ahead associated with social and economic changes, such as the uncertainty caused by Brexit, Elisabeth is optimistic about the future for RiverRhee as she outlines how the firm works to overcome all challenges and turn them into positive outcomes. “Small business providers such as ourselves are always at the mercy of the economy, and we understand this well having started up during the recession of 2009. Companies seem to divide into one of two mind sets when money is tight: it is either a time to cut-back on personnel development, or a time to invest in it to prepare for better times. “The same seems to be true for the stage of development of organisations. Some find themselves too busy growing to give their managers and teams sufficient time to reflect on their work and acquire new skills. Others decide that it’s important to make the time for this to be prepared for and to support growth. Our approach to ride the peaks and troughs of demand is to: stay visible to potential new clients through membership organisations such as One Nucleus and CILIP and offer on-going support to previous and existing clients through our newsletters and periodic free events. In addition, we always aim to listen to and respond to existing and potential new client demand by delivering customised services, and developing new offerings. This collaborative, client focused approach will be instrumental in ensuring our ongoing success, and we are excited about the opportunities this will present to us going forward.” 1. OneNucleus (http://www. nucleus). One Nucleus is an international membership organisation for life science and healthcare companies. We are based in Cambridge with the majority of our members across the Cambridge/London corridor – at the heart of Europe’s largest life science and healthcare cluster. 2. CILIP (https://www.cilip. ) is the leading voice for the information, knowledge management and library profession. Our goal is to put information and library skills and professional values at the heart of a democratic, equal and prosperous society. We are a chartered institute and charity. Our full registered name is the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.