GHP April 2017

22 GHP / April 2017 , reduces use of alarms; it reduces the need for regular night checks; it streamlines communication between different shifts (night/day) through automatic activity reporting. • For seniors: no need to wear sensors; increased sense of safety; reduced fear for falling; high privacy standards; improved autonomy; improved quality of life; improved night time quality. Mentorage®: The Different Features Each automatic detection module has been designed with staff of the nursing homes and Alzheimer’s units, to address potentially dangerous scenarios for their guests. MentorAge® features several “core” modules (in orange in the picture) as well as “optional” modules (in blue in the picture) that provide more advances Ambient Assisted Leaving solutions. What Our Customers Say Our customers are often operating in complex conditions, trying to strike a balance between the need for high-quality assistance for their guests and the rising prices resulting such high-quality services, with families asking for the best care for their loved ones. Furthermore, staff turnover is often quite high, mainly due to high physical and psychological stress. Lastly, at night, to reduce costs, medical staff is not always present while nursing staff is kept to a minimum level to limit costs. Our customers say that, within such a complex scenario, MentorAge® helps create a safer and more relaxed environment, promoting adoption of non- pharmacologic approaches (e.g. reducing use of sleeping drugs) and reassuring residents and staff with its “mentoring” presence. This is the example of Château des Ollières, a state of the art facility in Nice, France of the Korian group (www. , which has decided to install MentorAge® in their 14 rooms Alzheimer’s unit in order to maximise protection to their guests. MentorAge® blends with the policy of Château des Ollières, which aims at ensuring individualized care plans, providing daily support based on respect of the elderly person, their habits, their wishes and their rhythm of life. The experience will be framed in the context of a Quality Enhancing Process whereby, in a collaborative way, Nively, owner of MentorAge®, and Korian will analyse the results of the use of the solution in order to identify further improvements and ultimately ensure higher comfort and safety for the guests of the infrastructure. Our Vision for The Future We live in a fast ageing society. Our vision of the future sees indoor spaces that will be a safer and smarter place, ready to react if needed. They will be part of a connected ecosystem of online services, ensuring constant monitoring and support to Activities of Daily Living (ADL). This is what MentorAge® has been designed for. MentorAge® is already present in several countries such as France, Italy, Romania, and Greece. Nively’s plan is to expand to other European markets through the identification of distributors with strong experience in the care sector. Nively Nively is a fast-growing French innovative SME, based at “27Delvalle” the Business Innovation Center in Nice, France, dedicated to e-Health. The company specializes in location of people and objects for Ambient Assisted Living and e-health applications. The mission of the company, funded at the end of 2015, is to make nursing and senior residential homes safer and smarter places through MentorAge®, Nively’s Technology for AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) that allows active monitoring and prevention of incidents of older people . Nively is bringing to the market MentorAge® that allows nursing and seniors homes meet new safety standards, through state of the art technology that analyses the movements of older people and detect conditions of possible danger, while respecting people’s privacy and without any need for wearing equipment or sensors. Acknowledgements and Awards Nively has been already awarded several international prizes and acknowledgements, including: • 2016: “Innovation on eHealth” award for MentorAge® (S@lute 2016) in Milan, Italy. • 2016: Winner of the “Concours du département 06 des Brevets 2016” special prize on Silver Economy • 2016: MentorAge® selected as innovative solutions for the portal of the European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) of the EC. • 2016: Awarded the 1st price of the Investors Trophy at the BA06 event in Nice, France. • 2015: awarded the 4th place within the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) out of 515 submissions from 40+ countries. The Core Team Dr Giuliana Ucelli is the president of Nively. Her background combines technical skills, she holds a degree and a PhD in Engineering, and business education, as she holds a master in Business Development Management from a top French business school. Dr Giuseppe Conti is the CTO of Nively. He is an internationally well-known expert in Location Based Services, active in the standardisation community and with a strong track record in management of very complex international projects.