GHP April 2017

GHP / April 2017 31 Contact: Hahn-Jun Lee, M.Sc., Ph.D. (President/CEO) Email: [email protected] Company: Epygenix Therapeutics, Inc. 140 E. Ridgewood Ave, Suite 415, South Tower, Paramus New Jersey, 07652, USA 12019407377 Web Address: Discovering and Developing Drugs to Genetic Epilepsies g “Most of the development is outsourced to external CROs with lots of experience. Alongside this we also have an outstanding Scientific Advisory Board, which is led by Dr. Baraban and KOLs in epilepsy, including Dr. Joseph Sullivan, M.D. at UCSF and Dr. Jack Parent. M.D. at U of Michigan, Ann Arbor. “Our exceptionally talented management team has extensive experience in harnessing drug development biotechnology, coordinating partnerships, and deal making. Our collaborators, including established CROs and carefully selected Scientific Advisors, are all the leaders in their respective fields.” It is inevitable that a company will face challenges along their journey. For Epygenix, “our initial challenge is to conduct a clinical trial as early as possible, because we’d like to provide multiple options for the treatment of Dravet syndrome. “The second challenge is discovering how we will sufficiently support our clinical development financially and strategically. We are confident that we will find a way.” Passing over to Dr. Baraban, he notes on the challenges that are faced from a research perspective: “The only hurdle on the research side, is to be the first company to take a drug discovery made in a zebrafish model straight to man, this hasn’t been done before.” As for the future, Hahn-Jun reflects on the challenges the company may face in the future but also highlights what 2017 and beyond have in store for Epygenix. Including new two drugs which are currently in development; EPX-100 and EPX-200. “Looking ahead, Epygenix will develop EPX-100 to confirm safety and efficacy for Dravet syndrome. For EPX-200, an already approved drug, we anticipate a partnership with a company interested in this specific area.”