GHP April 2017

6 GHP / April 2017 NEWS , Teva Launches Innovative Social Media Campaign on Optimal Inhaler Use Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe BV, on 20th April announced the launch of ‘Get it Right’ – an engaging, disease awareness campaign aiming to challenge the public’s and physician’s mind-set inmanaging asthma, through education on how to use asthma inhalers correctly. By creating new mul- timedia content and resources leading up to World Asthma Day, the campaign en- courages increased dialogue on the management of this chronic condition. Poor inhaler technique has been linked to poor asthma outcomes, and the literature suggests short- comings in correct asthma inhal- er use is a key factor in optimal management, with 90% of people living with asthma making at least one inhaler technique error when using their device.(1) New data from the CRITIKAL study, which investigated the association be- tween specific inhaler errors and asthma outcomes in 5,000 pa- tients, showed that asthma man- agement should include educa- tion on appropriate inhaler use to reduce critical errors. (2) A multi-channel, social media ini- tiative, ‘Get it Right’ kicks-off April 24, and runs through to World Asthma Day on 2nd May. By pro- viding information & resources for both healthcare professionals and