GHP Aug 2017

10 GHP / August 2017 , Since 1976, Dealers Ingredients has been supplying quality, natural ingredients to leading food manufacturers and processors across Canada in all sectors of the food industry including bakery, meat, beverages, soups, sauces, snacks and confectionary. Initially, Dealers Ingredients were dairy traders. However, over time the company experienced several changes and moved into other product categories. In the mid 1990’s expansion took place resulting in Dealers Ingredients becoming the official Canadian distributor of Butter Buds, a functional dairy flavour concentrate. In 2006, Dealers Ingredients started selling specialty oils to meet the growing needs of Canadian customers. In 2013, the Canadian distribution rights for OneGrain, a unique salt replacement ingredient product from AKZO NOBEL product line were acquired. In 2015, the company expanded even further from being a distributor responsible for supplying approximately 150 natural source ingredients under three different business segments: base ingredients, customized ingredients and specialty ingredients to become what it is today, an innovator of natural ingredient food solutions with the goal of revolutionizing every day food choices into healthier solutions for consumers globally. The start of this change occurred with the launch of PROFI™, the award-winning, complete, high protein plant- 1708GH02 All Natural Dealers Ingredients is a privately held company with Canadian and U.S. shareholders; a head office located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and additional offices located in bothMontreal and Vancouver. based composite (HPPC) in 2015. After spending two years in development and overcoming many challenges, Profi was introduced to the marketplace through participation at several of the largest North American food ingredient trade shows as well as advertising in key trade publications and customized account presentations. Expansion continued in 2016 with the launch of Natralein™, high quality, and single source plant-based pea and brown rice proteins and further refinements to Profi. “What makes these products unique are that each ingredient has been carefully screened ensuring it meets the highest standards in terms of protein quality, taste and performance.” said Chuck Harvey, President and CEO, Dealers Ingredients Inc. and its affiliates. In addition to the expansion of the ingredient portfolio, construction was completed in 2014 on a new test kitchen facility and presentation room at the head office. Dealers Ingredients could now offer the services and convenience of product development, concept creation, and customized presentations to all its customers. “What makes Dealers Ingredients unique is that it is one of only a few companies in Canada that are both a distributor and a manufacturer of ingredients. Unlike many of the other Canadian competitors which are often chemical companies that also service the food industry, Dealers Ingredients has always been and continues to be 100% focused on servicing all sectors of the foods industry only with naturally, healthy ingredients. Our relatively flat reporting structure and compact size enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to the ever-changing demands within the marketplace, whilst providing the flexibility to deliver ingredients with a high level of customer service to all customers. Our dedicated team of research professionals and food consultants are committed to working together to create improvements in product performance in the areas of quality, nutrition, label declaration and profit margins. As well, we provide the marketing support to ensure our customers stay informed of the latest market trends through customized account presentations.” “We feel very honoured to be selected as one of Canada’s Top 10 Best Contributions to Healthcare and Pharma Awards 2017. Over the years, we have had a lot of success providing healthy, plant-based protein options to the food service industry for health care, retirement homes and long-term care facilities and are proud of the work we have done.” said Chuck Harvey, President and CEO, Dealers Ingredients Inc. and its affiliates. Today, trends that are driving these changes are the fact that consumers are leading extremely busy lifestyles and as a result, they have less time for sit down meals. Instead, there is a growing demand for healthy snacks and alternative food choices. They no longer want to choose between eating healthy or enjoying their favourite snacks, treats and beverages. In fact, millennials and their hunger for information as well as baby boomers concern about maintaining their health as they get older are two segments of the population, that are also helping to drive natural ingredient innovation. Since consumers can access information and food from a variety of sources, they are also becoming increasingly well informed about the benefits of a protein-rich diet. They know that eating the right amount of high quality protein at the right times is essential to preserving and building muscle mass, increasing satiety, and staying energized, which can help with weight-loss goals and maintenance. For older consumers, it becomes even more important as a reduction in muscle mass and functional capacity is an inevitable consequence of aging, as well as the progression of sarcopenia starting in the fourth or fifth decade of life. With the proposed changes, the first in almost a decade, to Canada’s Food Guide, and an emphasis on plant-based proteins, it will become even more important for those serving the healthcare sector and food manufacturers to partner with food ingredient suppliers who have the knowledge, expertise and experience working with plant-based proteins.