GHP Aug 2017

12 GHP / August 2017 , NOVA Probiotics was founded in 2001 by French doctor Andrea Levy, Ph. D in microbiology (MIT) and former visceral and digestive surgeon (Harvard). With more than fifteen years’ experience in the probiotic market, the company has earned a great reputation internationally by delivering premium probiotics in a variety of innovative formulas and formats. NOVA operates from Montreal (QC, Canada), Austin (Texas, United States) and Anaheim (California, United States), with cGMP manufacturing facilities in all locations. NOVA has created some of the most trusted and most recommended probiotic formulations on the market today. With over thirty different strains in its probiotic bank and more than two dozen strains in production at all time, NOVA offers multiple product lines with probiotic supplements suitable for everyone, from children to seniors, including vegans, those living with milk allergies, inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) or other illnesses. The beneficial pre- and probiotics utilised are designed to help support digestion, metabolism, immune health, brain function and reduce inflammation. NOVA 1707GH02 The Growing Global Probiotics Market NOVA Probiotics specialises in developing and producing high-quality probiotic formulas for both human and animal healthcare. Following their section as part of Canada’s Top 10 Best Contribution to Healthcare and Pharma Awards 2017, we invited the company to write about their seasoned experience in the probiotic market. uses manufacturing technologies that extend shelf stability of the probiotics at room temperature, eliminating the need for refrigeration and ensuring that the products exceed potency label claims. Every lot of all NOVA products is tested and verified free of allergens by an independent, third-party lab for complete peace of mind. What sets NOVA apart from its competitors is its dedication to offer a very high quality product suitable for everyone. Between its original line and its cruelty-free Vegan line, NOVA offers allergen- free (no soy, no gluten, etc...), both Kosher and Halal, highly concentrated probiotics that, unlike many of its competitors’, require no refrigeration. With its unique strains and ever-evolving formulations, NOVA ensures that its products remain up to date with scientific research as to offer the best possible care to its customers. With NOVA, customers feel like they are buying the most optimal solution that addresses both their unique needs and their unique constraints. With a relentless dedication to the research and development, our passionate and knowledgeable team of scientists has been able to develop production techniques which involve human resident strains and plant-based growth mediums, making it possible to obtain unique hypoallergenic and vegan probiotic supplements with the highest therapeutic concentrations of colony forming units (CFU). In this same process, we have also acquired Kosher and Halal certifications. It is our belief that health is the one most important thing that we all have, so we have many ways to make certain that the service we provide is the one our customers need. Firstly, we offer a very human and personal approach to customer service and are always ready to address and ease any worries or questions that our customers might have and to provide meaningful advice to all who contact us. Beyond this approach, our product itself is constantly evolving: the probiotic industry benefits from an ever-blossoming array of studies that come out consistently and as more research is done, we adapt our formulae to make sure that the quality of the NOVA line of probiotics is both consistent and as good as it can be. Furthermore, we work in conjunction with hospitals, universities and veterinary clinics to ourselves contribute to the advancement of knowledge in our field. The global probiotics market totals $39 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow at 6.9% due to increased customer awareness of the benefits that pre/probiotics products offer. Probiotics are increasingly being targeted to provide relief in new areas such as inflammatory diseases, allergy prevention, cholesterol reduction and prevention of colon cancer, apart from traditional benefits that they provide in gastrointestinal problems. In such a context, the number of probiotic products available is continually growing with a large variation in quality among the products which can be confusing and overwhelming for consumers. Nonetheless, our scientific expertise, superior ingredients and ability to stay at the forefront of market trends and consumer demands have given us a distinct competitive advantage over other probiotic makers. North America represents 18.4% of the global probiotics market spending. The increasing demand is driven by customer interest in natural health products mainly in response to poor diets caused by food processing practices that are depleting the quantity of nutrients. Customers are seeking probiotic products to maintain a healthy diet due to their demonstrated health