GHP Aug 2017

26 GHP / August 2017 , The study was conducted across VCA’s national network of hospitals in accordance with a protocol approved by FDA’s Centre for Veterinary Medicine for a chewable version of an incredibly important, and previously approved, veterinary antibiotic. A total of 1,567 doses were administered to 112 dogs, resulting in an 83% overall voluntary acceptance rate for Clavamox Chewable when offered from an empty bowl or owner’s hand. “Having this important antibiotic available as a chewable form Successful Clinical Study on New-to-Market Clavamox ® Chewable Antibiotic Tablets VCA Animal Hospitals, the U. S’s largest animal hospital chain, continues to support clinical researchwith their Clinical Studies programme. In a recent collaboration, VCA partnered with Zoetis, the world’s leading animal health company, to conduct a clinical study that tested the palatability of Clavamox ® Chewable tablets with client- owned dogs at VCA veterinary hospitals across the U.S. will mean it is much easier for our clients to administer this medication,” said Philip Bergman, DVM, PhD, Dipl ACVIM, VCA Director of Clinical Studies. “This clinical study is another example of a successful partnership between Zoetis and VCA, as we are both dedicated to moving veterinary medicine forward by bringing new medications to our patients and their owners.” The VCA Clinical Studies programme started four years ago, and has coordinated many sponsored studies with various industry partners. The programme also performs non- sponsored studies with many VCA clinicians, residents and interns for the advancement of research in clinical animal care and has multiple ongoing collaborations with veterinary universities in North America and the UK. For additional information about the VCA Clinical Studies programme, contact Dr. Bergman at [email protected] . For more information, visit & www.