GHP Aug 2017

GHP / August 2017 9 Who Says Scientists Can’t Communicate Clearly? g always more compelling than a company’s self-description. We apply the same strategy to our own marketing; a client’s experience speaks volumes.” Ingenza, an industrial biotechnology company, has been a kdm client since 2015. Sarah Scott, team leader in operations and marketing at Ingenza, spoke favourably: “Ingenza has worked with kdm communications for the past two years, and we have recently agreed our new contract for the year ahead. Our account manager, Sarah Khan, is attentive and diligent in securing Ingenza the best possible exposure and coverage that our budget allows for. As a non-scientist, I find it extremely helpful that Sarah has a PhD in immunology – it’s a unique selling point in kdm’s offerings.” Following five years of continuous growth, the small company looks set to grow further in 2017 – a new writer joined in May and the company is hiring another account executive. When asked about the future, Annabel replied: “The biggest challenge facing any company, ourselves included, is how to create compelling content within a marketing strategy that engages its audience. The internet is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it has enabled companies to reach a much wider audience base. On the other hand, the explosion in information and waning attention spans make it increasingly important to stand out from the crowd. It’s very easy to publish a blog post or an article or manage a social media account, but it takes time, effort and talent to do it well – that’s where we help out.” “We want to expand our client base worldwide, and a recent contract with Easyfairs to run the PR for Lab Innovations has cemented our market position as the go-to scientific agency in Europe. Our in-house linguistic abilities and international network of like-minded agencies mean we can offer a truly global service. We already work with large companies such as INTEGRA Biosciences, Abbott Diagnostics, Tecan and GE Healthcare, and we are looking forward to working across the board with more heavyweight clients in the future.” Name: Annabel Sedgwick Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Yew Tree House, Ground Floor, 10 Church Street Saint Neots, PE19 2BU UK Telephone: +44 (0) 1480 405333