GHP February 2017

12 GHP / February 2017 , 1701GH09 Serving Over 500,000 Individuals Annually Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company, recent winner of the Best Workplace Awards 2016 is the leading pharmacy and telepsychiatry provider serving the behavioural health and addiction treatment community for over 15 years. Michael Walters, Senior Vice President, Human Resources provides his insight into the firm’s remarkable work in serving over 500,000 individuals with behavioural health and substance use disorders. Please can you give us a description of your firm does? What healthcare areas does your firm specialise in? Our pharmacy and telepsychiatry services impact more than 500,000 individuals annually in 44 states and the District of Columbia. Our network of more than 345 pharmacies fills over 10 million prescriptions annually. Although Genoa specialises in serving individuals with behavioural health and substance use disorders, we are a full- service pharmacy. This means we take care of all the medication needs of our consumers, including prescriptions written by psychiatrists, primary care providers, or other specialty prescribers. Genoa’s services are flexible to the many behavioural health, addiction treatment, and primary care delivery models across the country. We have developed services in pharmacy and telepsychiatry to meet the needs of those specific models. None of our service models or pharmacies are the same. We continue to seek opportunities nationwide to help behavioural health and addiction treatment organisations with their pharmacy and telepsychiatry services. How does it feel to have been awarded the Best Workplace Awards 2016 in your location? We are humbled by the nomination and selection as a Best Workplace. Genoa’s fundamental business model is rooted heavily in care. As such, our employees are passionate about going above and beyond in service for our consumers. Their drive, engagement with our core values, and desire to help others is what makes our business special. It is all employee driven. Our team has to really love coming to work every day and helping others in need. The fact that our team feels connected to our mission and passionate about what they do every day is critical to our success. I hope the team feels a source of pride that their efforts and belief in their work translates to the outside community in a meaningful way. Can you tell me about your role as the ‘employer of choice’ within the healthcare sector? Genoa is actively growing. We open on average one pharmacy every week across our locations in 42 states. Being a recognised ‘employer of choice’ is meaningful as a reflection of the culture we have and the value our employees place within our workspace. We are constantly looking for additional talent to join our organisation. A recognition of this sort is validation that we are indeed building something special, and we are creating an environment where people can be their very best. This becomes contagious. Our passionate employees recruit other passionate candidates. In addition, our organisation just gets stronger and stronger from a talent and culture perspective. Can you tell me something of your firm’s mission, vision and values? Genoa is a service based organisation. We provide pharmacy services to individuals facing significant behavioural health issues while integrating our teams within the medical leadership of our partner clinics. Organisationally, we have core values that we recruit for and instil throughout our culture: • We will find a way to say yes: We encourage our team members to go beyond what is expected to provide the highest levels of service to our consumers and partners. • We are impactful: We are passionate about providing the best care to those we serve and supporting the mission of our partners. • We are value driven: We are committed to adding value and being fiscally responsible. • We are ethical and compliant: We are committed to the highest level of standards in our decisions and actions. • We celebrate success: When we achieve goals, we like to recognise what was accomplished and make sure we have fun while doing so. How do you encourage diversity and inclusivity within your recruitment? Genoa is a very diverse family. We have team members from a tremendous variety of backgrounds. Each one of our pharmacies looks and feels different… reflecting the culture, needs and geography of their partner clinic. Our staff need be able to identify with and connect with their consumer population. Maintaining a diverse team is important to our business. Employee referrals are always our best source of candidates. We are fortunate that so many of our employees’ love working with our company and feel excited about sharing opportunities with others. Our eclectic team feels comfortable referring their eclectic friends and former co-workers, and this only helps increase our diversity. Lately we have also been focusing on outreach to talent from the Armed Forces. We believe that some of the best talent in the country are serving in the military, and we are actively looking for opportunities to help them transition to the civilian sector and find employment opportunities with Genoa. We recently signed an agreement with the US Army through their PaYS program to ensure we provide interview opportunities for qualified personnel once they are complete with their active duty. How does your firm stand out from other