GHP February 2017

14 GHP / February 2017 , Preclinical Contract Research Studies Altogen Labs is a good laboratory practice (GLP) compliant laboratory that provides biotechnology research services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic institutions worldwide. The ethos drives the work they do is cancer research, more of which is revealed in by the firm’s Alex Fanelli, PhD in this interview. Please can you give us a short description of what Altogen Labs does? Our services include safety in vivo toxicology studies (for IND applications), efficacy studies (for regulatory submissions), drug discovery (patent applications), drug development and other types of R&D studies – pharm/ tox, bio distribution and imaging studies. How long has Altogen Labs been running for and where is it based? Altogen Labs was established in 2009 in Austin, TX USA and offers a number of IACUC regulated and GLP-compliant CRO services. Can you go into more detail about the services the firm provides? We provide a variety of biology CRO laboratory in vitro and in vivo services, including IC-50 assays, development of stable cell lines, 50+ xenograft animal models, gene function and gene expression analysis (mRNA levels by qPCR and protein expression by Western Blot), in vivo RNAi and tissue-targeted siRNA delivery services, transient and stable transfections, development of RNAi knockdown cell lines, anti-cancer compound testing, microfluidics-based liposome encapsulation (protein, DNA, siRNA, small molecule), cell-based assay development. Preclinical research studies often require a sequence of experiments utilising various scientific methods to demonstrate novel compound efficacy, safety, and mechanism of action. Altogen scientists have years of experience and expertise that includes all types of preclinical and biology CRO studies, cell and molecular biology research and development services, pharmacology and toxicology safety studies. We provide a wide range of GLP-compliant contract research laboratory services to meet clients’ unique needs, including stable cell line development in 28 days, A-to-Z complete RNAi services (from oligonucleotide design and synthesis to tissue- targeted delivery), compound custom liposome encapsulation, and cell banking services. Technical support and quality control teams ensure and support the company’s high- quality products and services. We support clients from study design phase through patent or regulatory submissions (100% of IP belongs to the client). Altogen Labs offers instant quotes (info@ , or call us at + 1 512 433 6177), comprehensive service packages, and highly competitive prices. We are happy to discuss your experimental details to help generate accurate price quotes and timeline estimates. What journey has the firm taken from its inception to the present day? Altogen Labs was founded in 2009 with a single client at the time – Terapio Corporation, a biotechnology company. In 2010 Altogen Labs received GLP certification and employed 8 full time scientists. In 2013 Altogen Labs joined the TVL program at UT Texas Venture Labs, McCombs Business School with the project to commercialise a bioremediation technology developed for oil contaminated sites. In 2015 Altogen Labs was recognised as one of the best CRO laboratories in Texas. Altogen Labs specialises in preclinical contract research studies, developing and testing new medicines to make sure they are both effective and safe. What are the main goals of your firm? To expedite cancer research and new oncology drug development by providing professional contract research services to pharmaceutical companies and cancer research centres worldwide. Can you outline the important role that research plays in the work you do? We are a contract research organisation focused on preclinical research services. Preclinical laboratory research is crucial part of establishing any new compound biological activity (f.e. tumour growth suppressor), performing compound safety tests in vitro and in vivo, discovering mechanism of action, and at the end – generating novel research data that are required for regulatory submissions, patent applications, and various types of pilot research studies. Tell us about your team, what role do they play in the success of the firm? Dr. Dmitriy Ovcharenko is a founder and CEO of Altogen Labs (since 2009), a GLP- compliant contract research organisation (CRO) in Austin, Texas providing a wide range of preclinical laboratory research services and pharmacology/ toxicology studies to pharma and biotechnology industry. Scientists at Altogen Labs perform gene silencing (RNAi) and xenograft preclinical studies in collaboration with cancer research centres. Altogen Labs bioremediation products (oil- degrading bacteria) and services are used for environmental 1702GH07